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Guest Graphs: Oklahoma vs. Texas

A surprising amount of defense came out of this Big 12 game.

NCAA Football: Oklahoma at Texas Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Next up in “Guest Graphs”: the Red River Rivalry, 2019 edition. The Sooners won a relative but not-as-much-as-usual shootout by a touchdown, and the numbers track to that. Surprisingly, some defenses showed up for the game, too! The commentary will be light, but the stats aplenty.

Oklahoma (34) vs. Texas (27), Oct 12th

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Team Success Rates (cumulative)

Both of these efficiency lines were below league average for most of the game. From two Big XII teams, with one of them being Oklahoma. That’s incredible! And potentially scary if Oklahoma actually does have a workable defense.

Success and Explosiveness by Quarter

This game was looking like an SEC or Big10-style tussle for a few quarters (plus some explosiveness mixed in), but things got real Big-12-y right there at the end.

Play Map: Yards and Result by Play

Oklahoma had 13 (!) explosive plays. Texas had 4, with only one going for more than 23 yards. That right there is probably your margin of victory... with that kind of explosiveness gap, I’m surprised that the Longhorns kept it so close.

Success and Explosiveness by Play Type

Success and Explosiveness by Down

Things were really working well on 4th down! To both defenses’ credit, the 3rd down conversion rates were pretty low all around.

Rushing rate (cumulative), Oklahoma

Oklahoma, running the dern ball? What in tarnation?

Rushing and Passing Success (cumulative), Oklahoma

Oklahoma, with a sub-average passing efficiency rate in a game. What in tarnation?

Rushing rate (cumulative), Texas

Texas not running the dern ball? Hard to know if that’s unusual anymore, but it looks weird: they didn’t get to a run-majority run rate basically all game.

Rushing and Passing Success (cumulative), Texas

Top Runners, Oklahoma

I mean, we all know Jalen Hurts around these parts, but 18 running attempts for a QB is very, very high. Heck, we just saw Najee Harris hit a Tide career high 20 attempts this last weekend! Good thing Hurts is build like Tupperware.

Top Passers, Oklahoma

Jalen’ 39% passing SR isn’t great, but that 29% XR is very great and pretty much makes up for it.

Top Receivers, Oklahoma

In regards to explosiveness: It, uh, must’ve been that CeeDee Lamb guy.

Top Tacklers, Oklahoma

Top Runners, Texas

Um, nobody ran that well. And this team also had it’s QB running the ball 13 times in a single game. Sheesh... the Tide showed up pretty well against Kellen Mond, but either of these Big 12 teams, should we see them, will bring that dimension and challenge.

Top Passers, Texas

That. Is. A. Lot. Of. Passes. For Mr. Sam Ehlinger. And is that a second Ehlinger I spy... anyone heard of Jake Ehlinger?

Top Receivers, Texas

Top Tacklers, Texas

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  • These defenses actually came to play!
  • These quarterbacks like to run around!
  • The red-er team won, not the orange-er one. That’s usually a good thing. The Tide should do its part this weekend in enforcing that portion of the color wheel.