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Alabama Football Film Room: Terrell Lewis is terrorizing Tide opponents

The redshirt junior has been dominant.

Tennessee v Alabama Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Terrell Lewis has finally looked fully healthy the past few weeks, and it’s showing. Over the last two games, he has 10 tackles, 5 TFL, 4 sacks, and another 2 QB hurries. Lewis now leads the SEC with 6 sacks on the year, despite having played in one less game than the other top contenders.

2nd and 13: Lewis (#24) has his hand in the dirt on the left side of the line. He darts to the inside of the right tackle and pushes through his left arm. Kellen Mond starts drifting to his right before speeding up once Lewis is completely free. Lewis chases after him and cuts off the possibility of a scramble, so Mond just goes to the ground on his own.

3rd and 6: Lewis has insane get off. He’s basically a yard upfield by the time Mond even gets the snap. He converts speed to power, driving the poor tackle backwards. It looks like the tackle yanks Lewis forward and knocking him off balance; but Lewis still gets ahold of Mond’s ankle and trips him up, even as he’s falling down.

3rd and 5: Lewis is acting as the left defensive end again. He initially attacks the inside shoulder of the right tackle and pushes him sideways. Lewis then breezes by for a clear lane to the quarterback, and Jarrett Guarantano never stands a chance.

3rd and 8: Like the two play against Texas A&M, Lewis is about a yard deep by the time Guarantano gets the snap. The right tackle, well acquainted with Lewis’s speed by this point, kicks out quickly. Lewis takes advantage of this and busts out a pretty, little spin move and gets clear. The quarterback has barely reached the end of his drop by this point, and Lewis is already bearing down on him. There’s no escape, and Lewis gets his second sack of the game.