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Guest Graphs: Georgia vs. Tennessee

After some persistent stutters, reality prevailed.

NCAA Football: Georgia at Tennessee Randy Sartin-USA TODAY Sports

In celebration of bye week #1, I’m going to post the graphs from select non-Alabama games this week. The commentary will be light, but the stats aplenty.

Georgia (43) vs. Tennessee (14), Oct 5th

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Team Success Rates (cumulative)

Yeah, if you watched this game hoping to see some ‘Dawg struggles, you can probably map your emotional timeline just like this. Things got real interesting early in the second quarter—with Tennessee achieving the higher cumulative success rate for a few plays there—but the regression to the mean was fierce: it only took the last few minutes of that quarter to restore the Dawgs’ ~20-point efficiency advantage before halftime. The rest is history, though Tennessee did ok in keeping an NCAA-average SR throughout the game.

Success and Explosiveness by Quarter

Play Map: Yards and Result by Play

Georgia showed a lot of consistency on offense in this game, aside from that brief second-quarter swoon. The explosive plays were nice for them, and they had just enough to keep things moving; but their real core was the consistent success inside of 10 yards. Seeing all of those successful short rushes, especially, is something Alabama fans may be craving this year... in that way, Kirby and co. are doing it more “Alabama” than the Tide is right now.

Maybe having a Tua around just does that to you.

Success and Explosiveness by Play Type

Those are real high success rates for the Dawgs, and a solid pass XR, too. Tennessee’s surprisedly high passing XR, though, has to be a concern for them: if Georgia let UT freshman QB Brian Maurer do that kind of damage through the air, just imagine what Tua Tagovailoa and co. could do! (Pretty please.)

Success and Explosiveness by Down

Rushing rate (cumulative), Georgia

Rushing and Passing Success (cumulative), Georgia

Rushing rate (cumulative), Tennessee

Rushing and Passing Success (cumulative), Tennessee

Top Runners, Georgia

Pretty good job spreading the ball around, this chart is Tide-ish.

Top Passers, Georgia

Of all the “Guest Graphs” were running this week, Jake Fromm’s is close to the best QB line. It’d be by far the best if it weren’t for a certain Tide ex-pat playing for a school in OK.

Top Receivers, Georgia

That’s a lot of receivers! Interesting that Deandre Swift is one of the leading receivers in this chart; it’s something opposing coaches definitely should keep an eye on in game prep.

Top Tacklers, Georgia

That’s a lot of tacklers—so I guess good on Georgia for using some depth early in the season (especially in a blowout)—but those are a lot more explosive plays than what you like to see on a tacklers chart... these boys were having to run down offensive skill players at least some of the time.

Top Runners, Tennessee

LOL to that poor UT quarterback being classified as a “rusher” in those 4 failed “attempts.” Otherwise, the two leading rushers had surprisingly high efficiencies here; plus each went for an explosive play over 15 yards.

Top Passers, Tennessee

Top Receivers, Tennessee

Top Tacklers, Tennessee

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This almost looks like a standard blowout over a Tennessee team that will surely see a few more of them this year. But UT actually made a mess of things for Georgia a few times in this game; the ‘Dawgs got out of the stadium with a win fairly easily, but not without a few noteworthy bruises.