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FanPulse Top 25 — Tide sits as No. 1 after Week 6 narrows down the field

Near the halfway mark of the 2019 season, the wheat is falling away from the chaff

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With the Tide’s preliminary schedule nearly complete (sorry, Arkansas and Tennessee), and Alabama’s meaningful games about to begin, the fanbase is now fully waking up and growing excited about the season ahead.

And, why wouldn’t the enthusiasm begin to reach fever pitch: There are about half a dozen legitimate national title contenders, and nearly all have shown chinks in the say nothing of the fact that nearly all face serious tests this week (Alabama, Florida, LSU, etc.)

Here is the this week’s FanPulse Top 25, as voted on by you, the readers.

Like the AP (and, in fairness, the Blog Poll), there is still some readership faith in the Washington Huskies. It is a flawed PAC 12, to be sure. But depending on the week, the Doogs look to be the class of the conference.

What is also striking is how close the FP25 tracks the AP25, particularly in the way that it punishes some very solid G5 teams while rewarding marginal P5 programs. Is a shaky 4-2 Oklahoma State team or 4-1 Arizona State better than a 5-1 Cincinnati, whose only loss is to the Buckeyes? What about undefeated Memphis, sitting in the Top 15 in total offense and total defense?

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