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Alabama #2 in SP+ and #3 in FPI, ahead of LSU in both

At least a couple measures of “best” have Alabama firmly in the playoff field.

LSU v Alabama Photo by Todd Kirkland/Getty Images

The College Football Playoff committee will put out its most recent rankings on Tuesday, and that will give us a good idea of how they view Alabama after yesterday’s loss to LSU. In the past, they have used “four best” as their mantra, and if they stay consistent, it’s going to be tough to keep Alabama out as long as they keep winning.

According to ESPN’s FPI metric, Alabama still rates ahead of LSU, and by a fair margin. Of particular note is the remaining strength of schedule ranking, where Alabama is #50 while the two most likely competitors for the #4 spot, Oregon and Utah, rank 74th and 76th, respectively. The Ducks sit at #7 in FPI and Utah #13.

Also, Bill Connelly released the latest SP+ top ten.

As Bill notes, this is a predictive measure and not based on resumé. Sorry Bill, but I don’t think that will save your mentions.

Finally, Vegas seems to expect two SEC teams to get in.

Georgia is slightly ahead of Alabama here because they control their own destiny and would eliminate Alabama with a win over LSU in Atlanta.

Nothing is for certain, but if the committee stays on brand, Alabama should get in as long as they win out and LSU does the same. Hope for the best.

Roll Tide.