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LSU Homer Tim Brando is preemptively angry about the CFP rankings

Maybe we should see what they do first? Just a thought.

Marquette v Georgetown Photo by Mitchell Layton/Getty Images

A few things are true about the College Football Playoff Committee

A. They have consistently looked for the “four best” teams

2. Every conference is represented

D. They have not released updated rankings for week two yet

Alas, Tim Brando has already decided what the committee is going to do, and he is very angry about it.

I don’t know, Tim. It’s hard to claim that LSU is the best team in the land and then drop Alabama five spots for losing a close game to them. Tim must have been super impressed with Oregon’s survival of Washington State a couple weeks back, and blown away by Oklahoma’s ability to get away with pass interference on a two point conversion this Saturday.

What a clown.