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Your Friday Hoo Doo Thread: Mississippi State

Udder domination is the only option in the land of the cowbell..

After a tough home loss last week, the Tide must obliterate everyone left on the schedule to have a chance, and that starts with taking down Mississippi State in front of their cowbell wielding critters.

We now have tales to take us through Auburn, so no need for the guidelines this week. Let me know what you thought of the format.

Getting to it, this week’s header comes from Samantha Fox.

It was a lofty birthday goal , three weeks after receiving my Masters from Bama. I had four girlfriends who didn’t view it as impossible. It included a handful of patrons out on a warm Tuscaloosa Thursday night at, I wish I could lie and say it was Harry’s, but sadly it was Ruby Tuesday’s. Cheap tequila poured quickly and shot glasses against wood tables echoed way into the next morning. There was no trophy, no pictures of our feat. The restaurant has since gone to the big chain in the sky. So fact finders won’t be able to confirm deny what we had done... a shot for each year of my life.

I was the lovely Bama number of 26. There was only a few whoohoos in the empty parking lot that were recalled upon the unmerciful awakening a few hours later. I had only a few moments to shower, straighten up, and put on an interview suit. What faced me was a purgatory trek to a distant land, Decatur, to speak to the King, okay, the manager of a Substance Abuse treatment for a clinical position. My stead, not a fiery snorting black stallion, but a hoopty of a paint stripped Tercel with the AC on the blinks.

Heat was unapologetic, tequila tinged sweat pooled on the knuckled clinched steering wheel. I made it, looked presentable and had a cover story planned about what I had done for my birthday.

Incredibly, the interview was moving smoothly in spite of the overwhelming tequila aroma that stalked me into this Substance Abuse counselor’s office. I chalked it up to his completed nose blindness. Organic problems with the olfactory system had not been fully covered in my Masters program at the U of A .

So, I brushed it off and continued to wield DSM questions until a behavior tech flung unannounced into the office. He had a high pitch that made my entire face winch as he frantically spelled out that some unknown car had rolled down the steep parking lot and had swerved past trees and had a near-miss with a school full of children. The manager gave a “Who In the world!” then a pause, “per chance what do you drive, hope the heck it’s not a Blue Tercel” I had a deep swallow and a self huddle considering possible plays, perhaps a fake to the right and hurdle the desk to the door to get out of that office. I instead watched myself face the music. We took a break from the interview to walk the tire marked path of the possessed car. How in the Lord? In the heat, it seemed like we had hiked a good mile. They do have some generous hillsides in Decatur. The car was in an usual position, facing backwards against a magnolia bush. The manager felt pity on me and offered to maneuver it back up the hill. We got it back in the corral and finished the interview.

If I am lying, I am dying, a few days later, he called with an offer.

Whatever it takes to get the job, Sam.

May this, along with all of your confessions in the comment section, be sufficient to get us through another week with a comfortable victory and no major injuries.

Hoo Doo away, for the good of the team, and think about any photos or videos you have to submit to Football Loki in the future.

Roll Tide.