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Alabama Baseball Inks Ten

Coach Brad Bohannon signed 10 players for the 2020 recruiting class this week.

The Alabama Crimson Tide baseball team signed 10 players in the signing period this week. Coach Brad Bohannon and his staff secured the signatures of five players from the state of Alabama,ranked 1st, 3rd, 13th, 16th, and 51st. Two from Tennessee, ranked 11th and 44th, the topped ranked players from Missouri and Indiana, and the 3rd ranked player from Kentucky. The players include six pitchers, three infielders, and one catcher.

The Players

*Dylan Ray, RHP-INF, top ranked player in the state of Alabama and 104th in the country. 6’3” 205 pounds, Bob Jones High School, Madison ,Alabama

*Caden Rose, INF, third ranked player in Alabama, 134th in the country. Bob Jones High School, Madison, Alabama. Has played shortstop, second base, catcher, and pitcher.

*Will Portera, INF, Memphis University School, Memphis, TN. 5’11” 180 pounds, switch hitter. 44th ranked player in Tennessee.

*Logan Morris, RHP, 51st ranked player in Alabama. 6’2” 190 pounds. James Clemens High School, Madison ,Alabama.

*Eli Giles, RHP, 13th ranked player in Alabama, 499th overall. 5’11” 170 pounds. Faith Academy, Mobile Alabama.

*Grayson Hitt, LHP, 11th ranked player in Tennessee, 315th overall. 6’3” 175 pounds. Houston High School, Memphis, Tennessee. Also all conference wide receiver.

*Grant Knipp, C, 3rd ranked player in Kentucky, 281st overall. 6’3” 205 pounds. Louisville Male High School, Louisville, Kentucky.

*Brayden Rowe, RHP 16th ranked player in Alabama, 191st overall. 6’1” 180 pounds. Corner High School, Warrior, Alabama.

*Jake Eddington, RHP, 1st ranked player in Missouri, 230th overall. 6’3” 175 pounds. Doniphan High School, Doniphan MO.

*Bryce Elbin, INF, 1st ranked player in Indiana, 155th overall. 5’11” 160 pounds. Center Grove High School, Greenwood, Indiana.

A ten player class, heavy on pitching. The class is smaller because of the prevalence of freshman and sophomores on the current roster. Rankings will fluctuate from service to service, and will adjust after the draft in June, but this appears to be a class ranked in the area of top 15. The coaching staff seems to think that all players will make it to campus.

Roll Tide

Bama Baseball Fever, Catch it