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Tua Tagovailoa carted off with hip injury

A nightmare scenario unfolded just before the half.

NCAA Football: Alabama at Mississippi State Matt Bush-USA TODAY Sports

In what might go down as the worst coaching decision of Nick Saban’s storied career, Tua Tagovailoa inexplicably reentered a game that Alabama leads 35-7 and is over for all intents and purposes.

To be clear, he did not injure his hobbled ankle this time but his hip as two Mississippi State pass rushers fell on top of him. Even still, the limited mobility likely contributed in his inability to create more space to throw the ball away.

In any event, he was putting zero weight on that leg. At this point nobody knows the severity of the injury, but even a typical hip pointer would make him questionable at best for Auburn in two weeks. Hopefully nothing is broken.

Get well soon, Tua.

Roll Tide.