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College Football Playoff Rankings Open Thread — The Tua Effect?

Join us for the third weekly installment of “make it up as we go along.”

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Here Alabama finds itself, locked down in 5th place as of this week after Georgia leapt the Tide last week. The Tide was efficient, dominant in its road win Saturday, keeping pace with (and looking better) than the Tigers did against the Mississippi squads.

But, the giant elephant in the room is the effect that losing a transcendent talent has on the committee’s rankings. If former ‘Bama great and ESPN apparatchik Barrett Jones is to be believed, the Committee does not take injuries into account (Josh covered that story today). Now, if the Tide starts drowning in flopsweat down the stretch and looks awful (or even drops one), then the Committee can be justified in acting.


So, we’ll see. 6:00 Central on ESPN.

Here are our projections:


  1. Ohio State — an absolute machine
  2. LSU — Woof, that defense and the schedule is getting weaker with AU, Texas losses
  3. Georgia — Another quality win, but this time on the road
  4. Clemson — Looking great against some bad teams
  5. Alabama — Looking great against some bad teams
  6. Oklahoma — Looking great against some bad teams, that big comeback gets the nod over the PAC 12


  1. LSU
  2. Ohio State
  3. Clemson
  4. Georgia
  5. Oklahoma - Big comeback win over Baylor.
  6. Alabama - They don’t want Bama in there with a back-up QB. Beat Auburn and that might change.


I think they stay the same this week. In terms of game outcomes nothing really happened to move the needle, and I think they will take a wait and see approach with regard to Mac replacing Tua.


  1. LSU
  2. Ohio St
  3. Clemson
  4. Georgia
  5. Alabama
  6. Oklahoma

Alright, here are our projections and why. What are yours? And, feel free to drop your reactions below.