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FanPulse Top 25 — LSU still on top, crowded field in the Group of 5

The CFP Committee should probably be reading these.

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This week’s FP25 is a little late — there was an issue getting data out to all of the sites. But, these results were in and published on some sites by Monday, a full 24 hours before the College Football Playoff Committee’s Week 3 rankings.

And, pals, it differs sharply between what you saw and and what the CFP Committee found.

Specifically, you readers were not impressed by four-loss teams in the Big 12 and the PAC 12 that the Committee ranked, USC and Iowa State. Readers also found much more to like among a strong Group of 5 field, ranking six teams, four in the Top 20 (and Memphis clocking in at 12th). The CFP Committee, the gatekeeper for the interests of the Power 5, only ranked five, and no Group of 5 team is higher than 18th (again, Memphis.)

Readers also liked Oklahoma a lot more than the Cemmittee did. CB, Brent, and I all had the following as the Top 6: Alabama, LSU, Clemson, OSU, Georgia, and Oklahoma. The Committee pegged the Sooners at 10 (and, in fairness, Josh hates OU too.)

So, I’m not sure if you’re right or if the Committee just kind of mailed it in after they got past the first 8-9 selections. But, here’s Week 13’s FanPuls Top 25