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Your Friday Hoo Doo Thread: Western Carolina

It can’t get any worse, right?

Sinatra 100 Concert At the Grove Photo by Tiffany Rose/WireImage

I thought about polling the commentariat on whether to continue the Hoo Doo after last week’s disastrous events, but in the end realized that no matter how bad things seem, they can always get worse. So. let’s stay the course.

For now.

Today’s cupcake tale comes courtesy of Pat Waller.

I had not seen my high school sweetheart in several years after heading off to the Air Force post-graduation. I came back from the Air Force and enrolled at Alabama. One Friday night before the Tennessee game, I was buying my standard game bottle of Jack Daniels at the ABC store. I made the selection - there was only a choice of black or green label back then - and rounded the corner at the end of the aisle and there she was as beautiful as ever! She was visiting a friend in Tuscaloosa for the big game.

We talked then and met up the next evening after the game at her friend’s apartment. Before long we were dating regularly with long distance telephone calls and frequent visits to her home town when Alabama was not playing football or basketball.

I thought she would be impressed with me if she came to T-town for a football game at my expense and we watched the Tide blow out Southern Mississippi (Mississippi Southern, as we called them). Well we settled into the lower bowl seats - there was no upper deck at that time - to watch the assumed massacre. I had not done my homework on the Golden Eagles and had never heard of Reggie Collier, their QB. We could not stop him and they beat us! Unbelievable!! Bear Bryant said on his Sunday TV show, “we had a lot of grabbin’ out there” (instead of tackling). Reality was that we could not even get a hand on Reggie. He was fast and elusive. I was embarrassed, but my girlfriend did not care. We have now been married over 35 years and seldom miss a game. That USM game will always stand out painfully in my mind.

Thanks, Pat. Talking about an upset should take care of that aspect.

Bring it for the injury luck, folks. You know the drill.

Roll Tide.