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Random Thoughts From Around the Country: Tumblers Falling into Position

A good week for the Alabama Crimson Tide

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: AUG 31 Chick-fil-A Kickoff - Duke v Alabama Photo by Michael Wade/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

The Bama haters are not going to be happy hearing this: it was a pretty good Saturday for the Crimson Tide.


Alabama 66 Western Carolina 3 - LAT: Life After Tua wasn’t so bad. Sure, it was a bad FCS team but new starting QB Mac Jones (10-12, 275 yds, 3 TD) didn’t make mistakes and had the poise of a regular starter. Of course he had a good deal of help from a gelled offensive line, angry running by the backs, and wide receivers running free. The defense got into the act as well with five takeaways, one of which was a pick-six. For the record, Bama put up the most points of any team on Saturday.


Arizona State 31 Oregon 28 - Good ol’ Herm Edwards put the last nail in the casket of this sham. ASU built a 24-7 fourth quarter lead but made the mistake of getting a little too conservative,allowing Oregon to inch closer. After trimming the lead to 24-21, the Dux had all the momentum with the Sun Devils going backwards. Suddenly out of nowhere on 3rd & 16 at their own 19, AzState connected on an 81 yard scoring bomb to go up ten points. Oregon would score once more but ran out of time. No playoff for Nike U.


Georgia 19 Texas A&M 13 - UGA’s #4 ranking must surely be based on their big wins at home against Notre Dame and a neutral site against Florida. Question: Do you think the Irish would have beaten Alabama in Tuscaloosa? What about the Gators in Jacksonville? Yeah, me neither. Since the Tide did not play those two, we have to rely on common opponents. Bama won at South Carolina by 24. UGA lost to SC at home by 3. Bama defeated TAMU in College Station by 19. The Dawgs barely eked out a home win against the Aggies by 6. But yeah. By all means. Rank Georgia #4.

UGA QB Jake Fromm again looked like crap (11/23, 163 yards, 1 TD). Many of his big completions were due to poor technique by the Aggies secondary. The Bulldogs offense managed only 260 total yards, 12 first downs, one touchdown and four field goals thanks to field position from their punter (44.7 ypp). Fromm has had a sub-.500 completion rate in his last three games. In a word: digression.

Oklahoma 28 TCU 24 - Despite the victory, this was not a shining moment for the Sooners on Senior Day. Jalen Hurts passed for two touchdowns and ran for two more but it was an ugly game. He connected on only 11 of 21 passes, threw a 98-yard pick-six, and lost a fumble at the 7 yard line late in the game. With 1:25 left on 3rd & 1 at OU 41, the Frogs needed a stop for a chance to get the ball back. Hurts took the ball himself and pretty clearly came up short of the line to gain (see above). However, the on-field and replay officials saw it differently. The referees were not available for comment after the game as they sped away in their Ferraris.

Ohio State 28 Penn State 17 - The Buckeyes came out fired up and drove it right down PSU’s throat for an opening possession score. The N-Lions next series went backwards, losing 8 yards. Once again anOSU came right back down the field and got to the goal line when Justin Fields fumbled. That turnover drastically changed momentum. What looked like a potential statement-making blowout turned into a tight ball game. Fields lost a second fumble and RB J.K. Dobbins (36-157, 2TD) lost one as well to keep it close. PSU cut the score to 21-17 in the final frame but could do no more.


Tennessee 24 Missouri 20 - UT quarterback Jarrett Guarantano did the unthinkable: He actually got through a whole game without a major meltdown screw up. Three Vols receivers tallied at least 100 yards receiving. It’s the fourth straight win for Tennessee (6-5, SEC 4-3) who is now bowl eligible for the first time since 2016.

Mizzou really needs to fire this bum Barry Odom and execute a total reboot on this sorry-ass program. They are really starting to resemble Arkansas.


LSU 56 Arkansas 20 - What’d you expect?
Auburn 52 Samford 0 - see above
Kentucky 50 UT Martin 7 - see above
Vanderbilt 38 East Tennessee State 0 - see above
Mississippi State 45 Abilene Christian 7 - see above

What the actually F***???!?! This dude has lost his mind.


Baylor 24 Texas 10 - The Longhorns scored a garbage time touchdown with one second left to make this loss look slightly closer. The Longhorns drop to (giggle) 6-5.

FIU 30 Miami 24 - How delightful is this one? Florida Freakin’ International defeats the Hurricanes on the same grounds that once hosted so many glory years for the ‘Canes. The neutral site game was played at what is now Marlins Park, the site of the old Orange Bowl. Even funnier, the Panthers head coach is Butch Davis who coached Miami 1995–2000 before his disastrous move to the Cleveland Browns. The ‘U’ drops to (giggle) 6-5 and the natives are already getting restless. Having fun yet, Dan Enos?


Virginia Tech 28 Pitt 0 - The talking heads have to hype up the ACCCG like it is going to be some classic battle because that is their livelihood. “Oh Gee Whiilikcers! Va Tech is playin’ sum good footballs. They might just put a scare into Clempson!” Don’t believe this bulls**t. Not for one second. The Hokies are not going to challenge the Tigers one iota. As if Clemson’s schedule is not easy enough, they took a bye week before facing South Carolina. I encourage you to #BoycottWatchingClemson and #BoycottTheACCCG.

Utah 35 Arizona 7 - The Two Utes ain’t beat nobody, Paul. They continued that trend this week handing Kevin Sumlin’s crew their seventh loss and sixth in a row.

Hot seat


  • After his 52-37 win over rival UCLA, Southern Cal’s Todd Helton told the sideline blonde: “I’m going to celebrate with my kids and get ready for... hopefully for the next game.” The Trojans finish the regular season 8-4 overall and 7-2 in the PAC-12. They can still win the South Division if Utah loses to Colorado next Saturday. C’mon Buffs! I LOVE how hard Helton is making it for them to fire him. See you in September, Todd!
GOLF: JUL 29 PGA - RBC Canadian Open - Third Round Photo by Richard A. Whittaker/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images


  • In case you missed it last week, I’ve been telling you all for weeks this would happen: Vanderbilt announced last Tuesday that Derek Mason would return as coach in 2020 despite a 2-8 record at the time and 26-46 (SEC 10-37) overall. Vandy is trying to make some kind of “2019” statement. I will leave it at that.

Don’t go changing, Ohio.


Teams in BOLD below already have one loss. Teams with a strikethrough have more than one loss. Strikethrough and italicized are out of the running for any kind of significant trophy.

  • DESI - 1. Georgia (SEC Champs), 2. Clemson (ACC Champs), 3. Oregon (PAC Champs), 4. Wisconsin (B1G Champs); Iowa State (B12 Champs); Clemson over Georgia in the CFP final.
  • CORSO - 1. Alabama (SEC Champs), 2. Clemson (ACC Champs), 3. Utah (PAC Champs), 4. Ohio State (B1G Champs); Oklahoma (B12 Champs); Alabama over Utah.
  • HERBIE - 1. Alabama (SEC Champs), 2. Clemson (ACC Champs), 3. Ohio State (B1G Champs), 4. Texas (B12 Champs); Washington (PAC Champs); Alabama over Clemson.


  • 1. Clemson (ACC Champs), 2. Alabama (SEC Champs) 3. Ohio State (B1G Champs), 4. Georgia; Oklahoma (B12 Champs); Washington (PAC Champs); Alabama over Georgia.


  • Duke (4-7) - The Blue Devils lost their fifth in a row with a home game against a pisst off Miami (FL) left to play.
  • New Mexico State (2-9) - Well looky here! After losing nine straight to begin the season, the Aggies have won two straight, beating UTEP 44-35.
  • Southern Miss (7-4) - With La Tech losing, the Screaming Eagles had a chance to take the lead in the C-USA West but laid a big fat 28-10 egg at home against WKU. USM wraps the regular season at FAU who is riding a 4-game winning streak and leads the C-USA East.
  • Western Carolina (3-9) - Goodbye, Fightin’ Cupcakes. Hopefully forever.
  • BONUS: I know it makes you feel dirty, but rooting for Tennessee makes Bama look better. Unless they have another meltdown against Vandy, the Vols should finish 7-5.


  • UL-Laf (9-2) - Laffy pummeled Troy into a mushy paste 53-3 to clinch Sun Belt West crown. ULM (5-6) comes to town for Rivalry Week.
  • Hawaii (8-4) - The Rainbow Warriors held off San Diego State 14-11 to take the MWC West Division title! SDSU scored a fourth quarter touchdown & two pointer but missed a 45-yard game winning field goal attempt at the buzzer. Hawaii still has a non-conference games against Army followed by the MWCCG against Boise. Adding in a bowl game will give the Warriors a rare 15 game season.


  • Troy (5-6) - Didja hear? The Trojans were pummeled by La-Laf 53-3. This will be followed by a likely defeat to the other division leader Appy State to end a lousy season.
  • South ALLLLLLLLLLabama (1-10) - The Jags were blasted by Georgia State 28-15. Oh, the humanity.


UAB (8-3) - The Blazers nip La Tech 20-14. Up next @North Texas.



  • Navy (8-2) - The Midshipmen broke a 28-28 tie with a 70 yard rushing score to trip up SMU 35-28. Navy will have to win at Houston and root for #19 Cincy to beat Memphis in order to clinch the division title. Very doable.
  • Air Force (9-2) - The Falcons maimed New Mexico 44-22. DJ Hammond wracked up 327 passing yards and four TDs on 9 of 10 passing. AFA wraps the regular season against Wyoming.
  • Army (5-6) - The Black Knights had a week off before a LOOOONG trip to Hawaii in a must win game.



  • LSU: TAMU, UGA (SECCG) - The Bayou Bengals can lose one of these two and probably still get in the playoff as long as it was a close fluky loss, but ya never know with this version of the committee... Lose both and they are toast. That would be hilarious but it could hurt the Tide’s standing as LSU was their only loss. It is doubtful the Aggies secure an upset so the Tigers will need to win the SECCG to knock UGA out of the playoff.
  • Ohio State: @Mich, Minnie or Wisky (B1GCG) - In a similar situation, the Buckeyes might be able to lose one and get in the playoff depending on how they lost and what happens in other stadiusm around the country. By all means, cheer against them in the next two.
  • Clemson: @SC, UVa or VaTech (ACCCG) - Considering the opponents, a one-loss Clemson team will have a tough time getting in over the other one-loss teams. You should always root against AWAL out of principle anyway.
  • Georgia: @GaT, LSU (SECCG) - Lose one and they are definitely out. That probably happens Dec. 7.
  • Alabama: @Aub - Just win, baby. The big issue working against the Tide is that they don’t have a championship game to play in. The first couple of years saw the Big 12 champ left out because they did not have such a game. This committee might be sticklers for that rule.
  • Oklahoma: @OkSt, Baylor (B12CG) - Okie’s strength of schedule continues to diminish as Kansas State is now 7-4. So, pull for Iowa State to thump K-State. Okie Lite is probably not beating the Sooners but Baylor is hungry for revenge. However, who knows how the committee will perceive a 12-1 Bears team that won the B12? Baylor is at Kansas. It’s far-fetched but maybe BU will be looking ahead and Crazy Les will come up with a good game plan.
  • Utah: Colo - The Utes have to beat the Buffs on Saturday in order to play Oregon in the PACCG. Lose either one and they are out. However, winning both doesn’t guarantee them anything since their schedule was SOOOO lame.
  • Minnie: Wisky - The GGs are a looooongshot. They will have to convincingly defeat UW just to get a crack at anOSU in the B1GCG. Frankly, I think this silliness ends this weekend.


  • Oregon
  • Penn State


  • Utah
  • UGA, Alabama ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • Oklahoma

A way WAY WAY too early look at the College Football Playoff (CFP) picture:

Arkansas should be in the Playoff! The Hogs beat Colorado State who beat Hawaii who beat Arizona who beat Texas Tech and UCLA who beat Oklahoma State and Arizona State. Okie State beat K-State who beat Oklahoma. Arizona State beat Oregon. BOOM, 4-seed.

  • ACC - Clemson’s 12 game exhibition season is finally coming to an end.
  • Big Ten - anOSU had a tough time at home against PSU, but got the win. They aren’t a lock just yet. Michigan is gunning for them followed by the B1GCG against Wisky or Minnie in Indianapolis.
  • Big 12 - Okie again eked by in an ugly way. Baylor has only one loss, but a shamefully weak schedule (Stephen F. Austin, Rice, and UTSA in non-conf).
  • PAC-12 - Utah is still at one-loss team but also a weak schedule. Look for Oregon to take them in the PACCG.
  • SEC - Alabama still has a chance but they have to beat Auburn. UGA isn’t beating LSU.
  • Indies - n/a!


  • ACC - hello? anyone?
  • Big Ten - Michigan
  • Big 12 - Baylor ... still?
  • PAC-12 - Oregon
  • SEC - LSU, Aub


Tonight, Tuesday, the College Football Playoff Committee will release their fourth poll. it would be a surprise to see any of the top three change. Georgia’s weak-kneed home win was pretty ugly and might hurt them. Below is how I predict the CFPC will rank the teams:

  1. LSU
  2. Ohio State
  3. Clemson
  4. Alabama - Bama did not miss a beat.
  5. Georgia - Despite winning, UGA has looked sluggish for the third game in a row. If the committee is truly watching all the games, they have to recognize this fact.
  6. Utah - Even though the Utes haven’t beaten any team worth a spit, they aren’t winning as ugly as Oklahoma is.

Five Southeastern Conference teams are currently ranked in the AP - three in the Top 5 and half of the Top 8.

#1 LSU
#4 Georgia
#5 Alabama
#8 Florida
#16 Auburn
Texas A&M - Aggie drops back out.

Here is my after-twelve-weeks-half-ass Top 6 +1 rankings.

  1. LSU
  2. Ohio State
  3. Clemson
  4. Alabama
  5. UGA
  6. Okie
  7. Oregon


  • 40 bowl games; 80 spots.
  • 73 teams have six or more wins.
  • 14 teams are a win away from six victories.
  • The SEC now has eight bowl eligible teams with Tennessee and Kentucky joining Alabama, LSU, Fla, UGA, Aub, and TAMU. Mississippi State is an Egg Bowl win away from 6 wins, which is no guarantee. Mizzou will have to beat Arky and an NCAA appeal which STILL has not been acknowledged.


  1. College Football Playoff Semifinal: LSU
  2. First pick: Sugar Bowl vs. Big 12. Possible match-up: Alabama or UGA vs. Okie or Baylor.
  3. Second pick: Citrus Bowl vs. Big Ten or ACC. Possible match-up: Alabama or UGA vs. Wisconsin or Minnie.

The SEC will assign teams to the respective bowls in this pool.

  • Liberty Bowl vs. Big 12
  • Belk Bowl vs. ACC
  • Music City Bowl vs. ACC or Big Ten
  • Outback Bowl vs. Big Ten
  • Gator Bowl vs. ACC or Big Ten
  • Texas Bowl vs. Big 12

* Birmingham Bowl (vs. AAC) and the Independence Bowl (vs. ACC) are out of luck unless Mizzou can actually get the NCAA to do their job.


  • Upon losing to lowly Georgia Tech on Thursday, NC State joins the 7 loss club. The Wolfpack has lost 5 straight after starting 4-2, and has the worst ACC record of 1-6.
  • After losing to Cal at home, the Stanford Cardinal also guaranteed themselves a spot on mama’s couch in December. They wrap the season against Notre Dame. A loss puts them at 4-8. Nobody wants to see that now, do they?
  • Akron is one defeat away from clinching their first Triple Golden Sombrero of a 0-12 record. Only Ohio stands in the way of the TGS.

Not a big crowd in South Bend...


  • Notre Dame tried to massage the attendance numbers for previous week’s game against Navy to keep the 273-game sellout streak going (it did not succeed). The empty seats Saturday against Boston College were way more obvious, especially in the stadium’s corners and student sections. Attendance in the 77,622-seat stadium was “officially” 71,827.
  • Remember all the whiners about 92 degree games in September? Colorado State at Wyoming game had a temperature of 15 degrees at kickoff with at 7:30pm MT start. I was cold just watching the game in TV.
  • Oklahoma’s last three wins have been by one, three and four points.
  • UL-Laffy leads college football against the spread at 9-2-0. For the record, Alabama is 6-5-0.

Krazy Kristi’s “SHUT UP!” of the Week goes to Greg Schiano who reportedly turned down an offer to return to Rutgers. Among his demands:

  • An 8-year contract worth $4 million per year, with $400,000 retention bonuses after Years 4 and 6.
  • $25.2M fully-guaranteed!
  • The freedom to walk without penalty if the school did not improve its football facilities by 2023.
  • Unlimited use of a private jet.
  • A staff salary pool starting at $7.7 million, increasing by at least 3 percent per year.

What is wrong with this egomaniac??? The NFL is not taking you back, bro!


With the exception of TWO YEARS, the Heisman Trophy voting is basically a hype award. Often times voters fall in love with someone and refuse to REALLY look at what a player has accomplished.


CLARIFICATION: This section is not who deserves to win. It is who the slobbering press and other voters will callously crush on (see last year).

  1. Joe Burrow (QB LSU Sr.) Home Alone’s Kevin all-growed up.


CLARIFICATION: This section IS for who deserves to win it.

  • Burrow


  • Jalen Hurts (QB Oklahoma Sr.) - 173 yards rushing but a less-than-stellar day passing (11/21, 145 yds, 2 TDs, 1 INT) in a close win at home vs TCU (5-6). He has committed seven turnovers in the last three games.
  • Chase Young (DE anOSU Jr.) - These idiot voters are probably going to make a “it ain’t jus’ fer qwaterbacks” statement by giving this guy some runner-up place votes, but no first place.
  • Justin Fields (QB anOSU Soph.) - His team won again but he had three fumbles - two lost - and only 188 yards passing.
  • Tua Tagovailoa (QB Alabama Jr.) - Dang. This still hurts.
  • J.K. Dobbins (RB anOSU Jr.) - nobody is talking about him.

If I had a vote:

  • Burrow
COLLEGE FOOTBALL: NOV 23 Penn State at Ohio State
Justin Fields got rocked a few times vs PSU.
Photo by Adam Lacy/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images


  • It’s good to see that the Alabama beat writers are avid readers of RBRB and get all their ideas from here. Last week in this space I pondered whether fifth-year senior linebacker Joshua McMillon might petition for a medical redshirt and return to the Tide next season. Lo and behold, a reporter relayed this question to Nick Saban soon thereafter who in turn replied that they would definitely do so: “We’d love to have him.”
  • Bama DL Christian Barmore was shaken up on one play but should be okay. Henry Ruggs, Raekwon Davis, and DJ Dale did not play against WCU but all are expected back for the Iron Bowl.
  • LSU LB Michael Divinity was back practicing with the Tigers last week. However, it was announced that he would not be eligible for the next four games. He had already missed two games in what LSU is flimsily calling “personal issues”. Now, weed be awful presumptuous to pot a label on this situation. It doesn’t take a dope to know we should respect his privacy. It will take a joint effort to get this young man back on the right path. If you have any other questions, please reefer to the NCAA rule book.
  • The Sooners path to the B12CG just got clearer after it was announced that Oklahoma State quarterback Spencer Sanders will miss the rest of the regular season after thumb surgery last week. The two teams are slated to play Nov. 30.
Arizona v Colorado Photo by Matthew Stockman/Getty Images


  • *** UPDATE: Missouri’s bowl ban for 2019 season was upheld by appeals committee. That’s what you get for self-reporting and cooperating with the NCAA, Mizzou!!!
  • Colorado has chosen to retire their latest buffalo mascot Ralphie V, who they have run on the field before games since 2008. The search has begun for candidates for their next mascot, who will be named Ralphie VI. You may be thinking it might be time to retire this tradition but then PETA stuck their runny noses in and demanded such a thing. As you know, whatever PETA says, you should do the opposite. Long live Ralphie VI!
  • Auburn safety Jamien Sherwood was called for an obvious targeting call against Samford (LOL!) and will miss the first half of the Iron Bowl. He is the team’s sixth leading tackler.
  • This is a true story reported by Stewart Mandel of The Athletic: After the anOSU-PSU game, about 60 people were waiting for two press box elevators. Urban Meyer got one of them one to himself. The rest of the people tried to cram into the other but ran out of room. 82-year old former anOSU head coach John Cooper was one of the people kicked off the second elevator. What an arrogant, unrepentant piece of shit Urban is.
  • A new breed of weasel has been discovered in southern Algeria. The rare mammal is known for killing others to get what he wants while convincing the rest of the pack that he is noble. Scientists have named it the Fatucus F***ucmus Philumus Fulmerucus.
Black and White TV


When you have some time, give this fine John Talty article on aye-eLL dot com a read. In short, it covers the future of SEC football (and basketball to a degree) on TV. It appears that the fine folks in Birmingham may have found an out in the contracts regarding CBS and their first rights to pick the game of the week. There is about to be a bidding war and all the big boys will be sitting at the table. Disney/ABC/ESPN, CBS, FOX, Turner, even John Skipper-led DAZN could be throwing big money the SEC’s way.


For some whack reason, College GameDay will will be heading to freaking Minnesota for the Minnie-Whisky consolation game. I guess they figure the Gophers will never be this good ever again. The forecast is calling for a high of 36 degrees and a mix of rain and snow. That is the worst kind of snow. ENJOY!

SEC Nation, the more sane of the two, will of course be in Lee County, West Georgia for the Iron Bowl.

(Below is an abbreviated list of games of interest. If you REALLY need to know about the big Bowling Green-Buffalo showdown, you can find the details here.)

Tuesday, November 26

MAC1 at MAC2 6pm/7pm ESPNU

Wednesday, November 27

NOTHING?!?!?! AAAAAAA!! Don’t make us watch basketball!

Thursday, November 28 - TURKEY DAY!

Ole Miss at Mississippi State 6:30/7:30 ESPN - The Egg Bowl is always entertaining. MSU needs this win to become bowl eligible. OM needs this win to keep MSU from becoming bowl eligible.

Friday, November 29 - BLACK FRIDAY!

Texas Tech at Texas 11am/noon FOX - GO RED RAIDERS!
Virginia Tech at Virginia 11am/noon ABC - Winner gets the privilege of being housed by Clemson in the ACCCG.
Missouri at Arkansas 1:30/2:30 CBS - Mizzou is hanging on the desperate hopes of a bowl birth.
Cincinnati at Memphis 2:30/3:30 ABC - Cincy has already clinched the East. A Memphis win means the Tigers take the West and the two teams rematch. With a U of M loss and a Navy win over Houston, the Middies take the division.
Washington State at Washington 3pm/4pm FOX - The Apple Cup and pride are the only things on the line.
West Virginia at TCU 3:15/4:15 ESPN - Meh...
South Florida at Center Florida 7pm/8pm ESPN - Really? This is our only prime time game?

Saturday, November 30


Ohio State at Michigan 11am/Noon FOX - Meechigan is playing some good ball as of late and anOSu needs to go down. Plus, maybe Jim Harbaugh will stick around a little longer to to keep the B1G from turning into a one-team conference (see ACC). GO BLUE!


Clemson at South Carolina 11am/noon ESPN - #BoycottWatchingClemson
Georgia at Georgia Tech 11am/noon ABC - Clean Old-Fashioned Hate: This one is always a tricky one for UGA. GT has ruined plenty of Bulldogs seasons in the past.
Louisville at Kentucky 11am/noon SECN - These two teams REALLY hate each other.
Vanderbilt at Tennessee 3pm/4pm SECN - Vandy has won THREE in a row and 5 of the last 7.
Texas A&M at LSU 6pm/7pm ESPN - The Tigers win the West regardless of the outcome.
Navy at Houston 6pm/7pm ESPN2 - Hooyah!
Colorado at Utah 6:30/7:30 ABC - Can the Buffs end this Utes silliness? Probably not.
Florida State at Florida 6:30/7:30 SECN - No National implications, but plenty of hate.
Oklahoma at Oklahoma State 7pm/8pm FOX - Can the Cowpokes eliminate big brother? With a back-up QB, probably not.


Arizona at Arizona State 9pm/10pm ESPN - I’m going to assume these two squads dislike each other.
Army at Hawaii 10:59/11:59 CBSSN - Army NEEDS this one to stay alive for a bowl.


Does it feel like Anfernee Jennings doesn’t get enough love? He is tied for the SEC lead in sacks with 7.5 and his having a monster season: 37 solo tackles, 30 assists, 12 TFL, 3 QB Hurries, 1 INT, 4 pass break-ups, and a forced fumble. He is a great example of returning for the senior season, fine-tuning the game and upping that NFL Draft stock.


DE Byron Young got a start and finished the game with 4 solo tackles, 1 asst, and a sack. The two true freshmen middle linebackers again had good days: LB Shane Lee (3 solos, 4 assts), LB Christian Harris (3 solo, 2 asst, QBH). Offensive guard Evan Neal got his usual start.

  • Defensive tackle DJ Dale was injured and did not play.
  • RB Keilan Robinson looked impressive running the ball. He had 8 rushes for 92 yards and a TD.
  • QB Taulia Tagovailoa played much of the second half but mostly handed off. He completed 2 of 3 passes for 35 yards and a score.
  • QB Paul Tyson made his first appearance of the year but only handed off.
  • Also making his debut was DL Ishmael Sopsher. He did not record any stats.
  • DL Justin Eboigbe - 3 solos, 1 asst, sack, 2 TFL, QBH
  • DL Braylen Ingraham - 1 solo, 2 assts.
  • DB Jordan Battle - no stats.
  • TE Jahleel Billingsley - no stats.
  • WR John Metchie - 1 reception, 17 yards.
  • DB DeMarcco Hellams - no stats.
  • P Ty Perine One punt of 33 yards. (angry face emoticon)
  • LB King Mwikuta - no stats.
  • OL Amari Kight - first game.
  • OL Darian Dalcourt
  • DB Brandon Turnage - first game, no stats.
  • DB Marcus Banks - no stats
  • Side Note: Scooby Carter is still on the official roster.
1 Joe Paterno 46 409 136 162
2 Bobby Bowden 44 346 123 99
3 Bear Bryant 38 323 85 76
4 Pop Warner 49 311 114 64
5 LaVell Edwards 29 257 101 10
6 Tom Osborne 25 255 49 8
7 Nick Saban 24 247 64 -
8 Mack Brown 30 243 123 -4
9 Frank Beamer 29 238 121 -9
10 Lou Holtz 33 236 112 -11


With UNC and Bama both winning, Nick Saban maintains his 4 win lead in career wins as a FBS/I-A coach over Mack Brown. Tom Osborne and LaVell Edwards are coming up over the horizon next season.

GAME 12: Saturday, November 30, 2019

Alabama at Auburn - IRON BOWL

Jerdin-Hair Stadium ~ 2:30/3:30, CBS
Mostly Cloudy 70°

  • Bleeding Ears: Brad Nessler, Gary Danielson and Jamie Erdahl.
  • Eli Gold on Alabama Radio.
  • Alabama leads the series with Auburn 46-36-1. The Tide is 8-3 in the Iron Bowl since 2008.
  • Bama is favored by 3½ with an over/under of 50.



One of these teams is not like the others. One of these teams just doesn’t belong:

This poll is closed

  • 61%
    (279 votes)
  • 24%
    (110 votes)
  • 14%
    (68 votes)
457 votes total Vote Now