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Your Friday Hoo Doo thread: Auburn

There is no tomorrow, folks.

ABC’s “Celebrity Family Feud”

Here we are, the last time that we will see Alabama play for more than a month, and the game will determine whether they have a chance to go to the playoff or merely a New Year’s exhibition game. We have some really strong Hoo Doo this week from the man, the myth, the legend, our own 5026.

Of all the embarrassing things that have ever happened to me, in a pretty embarrassing life, perhaps the most embarrassing happened on national TV. An event which has since been replayed and reviewed literally all over the world, much to my embarrassment.

About five years ago now my family convinced me to try out, along with them, for Family Feud. Now, I’m basically a shy person, so the idea of being on TV was near the bottom of my lists of things to do. However, I was convinced we would never get picked for the show itself and so I agreed to try out. The competition to actually get on the show is pretty fierce, but somehow, we were picked.

Then on the show, Steve Harvey asked me this question (see the clip) “We asked 100 women, what does your man and the Pillsbury Doughboy have in common?” Now, I could think of a few good answers, like: They are both fat, or they both laugh a lot, or they are both very hug-gable.”

I could have gone with those answers and no one would have thought a thing about it. But, I thought it would be funny to say “He Is White.” I knew when I said that answer, that it would not be a correct answer. I just did it to be funny. I don’t know why I chose that moment to be a comedian, but the tape shows I surely did.

Well, the answer was funny. But what happened next was no so funny, at least not for me. The clip of that answer went viral, getting over 4 million hits. Suddenly I was an internet sensation. They say everyone will have 15 seconds of fame, I guess this was my time. At any rate, being basically a shy person, it was quite a bit overwhelming. I had random people all over the country coming up to me and saying “He is white.” I even had a couple driving through get off the interstate in my home town (they had heard where I live on the show) and go to my favorite restaurant, just because they thought I might be there. I was there just enjoying an anonymous meal with me wife but they wanted to say “He is white” to me.

Therefore, I am now willing to embarrass myself in front of the entire RBR community in hopes of one thing- a victory over Auburn. Roll Tide.

And if you recognize me at a Bama game, please don’t say “He is white.” Just walk on by.

The internet has preserved this moment for us.

Hopefully this will be enough to get past Auburn, but Fitty can’t do it all alone. Bring it, people.

Roll Tide.