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Joseph Bulovas apologizes for missed field goal

This is wholly unnecessary, but what a great young man.

NCAA Football: Alabama at Auburn John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

We all saw what happened in Saturday’s Iron Bowl, and anyone with any sense of what they were watching understands that the missed field goal was almost a footnote to the other calamity that took place. Still, Joseph Bulovas took it personally enough to apologize to fans.

My first reaction is that I hope that this is something that Joseph was simply burdened to do and wasn’t inspired by idiots being hateful online to an amateur athlete. Either way, he has nothing to apologize for. He gave his best effort just like everyone else who had a play that didn’t go their way. That’s football, and his teammates immediately encouraged him after the miss.

Joseph is clearly a class act. Hopefully he will feel the love from Alabama fans going forward.

Roll Tide.