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Alabama Football’s Secret Recruiting Weapons

Nick Saban and the Crimson Tide are getting a little extra help in pursuit of 2020 recruits.

Miss Terry with the Bama Mommas.
Penny Moore, NBCT‏ @aka_pmoe

Last year’s #ROLL1N9 recruiting class got some big assists in recruiting from the early commits like Pierce Quick and others who blanketed social media with the virtues of signing with the Crimson Tide. They also showed up for every home game, bonding together early to help recruit undecided prospects who were on official visits.

This year, Alabama is getting recruitment help from another indispensable source: the Bama Mommas.

Malachi Moore’s mother Penny is one of the ringleaders of the Mommas, bonding the mothers together to support their sons college pursuits. Many Most Basically all college football programs push the cliche of “family” (and in some cases “fambly” when it doesn’t ring true). What these ladies are doing is a true showing of support, welcoming and belonging. Mrs. Moore and the others have come to call the other recruits “nephews” and they are just as proud of them as they would be blood nephews.

Tereon Anderson, mother of WkDE Will Anderson No. 78 overall player, AJC AAAAA Defensive Player of the Year.

Sharon Branch, mother of high 4-star safety Brian Branch, No. 58:

Krisse Story, mother of 4-star QB/S Kristian Story, Gatorade Alabama Football Player of the Year:

You can see the kind of effect it has on the sons:

4-star WR Thaiu Jones-Bell, No. 101.

Jah-Marien Latham and Kristian Story:

Getting the moms on-board is always big when it comes to recruiting. Nobody is better at the in-home than Nick Saban.
Uncommitted 4-star WR Arain Smith:

Uncommitted 4-star OLB Phillip Webb:

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