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Saban seems displeased with former assistants for poaching his staff

Well, this is interesting.

NCAA Football: Georgia at Tennessee Randy Sartin-USA TODAY Sports

Tomorrow night, the documentary titled “Belichick and Saban: The Art of Coaching” will premiere to the public at 8 CT on HBO. is reporting a very interesting exchange that takes place between the two legends:

“We’ve always had sort of a mutual respect for how we sort of take each other’s people,” Saban said to Belichick of their relationship. “It’s one thing that I always try to emphasize to the guys: what I have a tough time with, aight, is we’ve had however many guys who have worked here who are at Georgia, Tennessee -- whoever, wherever -- is when they get those jobs, and in most cases you’ve helped them, is they have a hard time understanding why they can’t take your people.

”I’m gonna help you get a job, [only] so that you can take what I’ve tried to build here and destroy the continuity of what I have? It’s amazing how some of the assistants don’t understand why that’s not a good thing.”

Yeah, that “whoever, wherever” is pretty transparent, Coach. Kirby Smart infamously did his level best to pull Scott Cochran with him to Athens, and was successful in luring Mel Tucker and Glenn Schumann. Meanwhile, Jeremy Pruitt pulled former Alabama Director of Player Development Kerry Stevenson. Based on Saban’s comments, he was none too happy about it.

The show should provide a fascinating look into two of the greatest minds the sport has ever known. The official trailer is embedded below.

Roll Tide.