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Former ‘Bama punter Daniel Pope involved in one of the saddest punts of the 21st century.

46,377 punts and of course an Alabama player is involved

Bengals v Jaguars

Fans of SBNation’s longform video series Chart Party, have probably been wondering what happened to its host/writer/researcher John Bois over the past several months. It turns out that for the past nine months, he has been documenting the down-and-distance and game situation of every NFL punt of the 21st century.

All 46,377 punts.

The results of “The Search for the Saddest Punt in the World” are stupendous and really give you a different perspective on football: It is ultimately a game of surrender — about 40% of all possessions, in fact.

But, for Alabama fans, one of the most bizarre sequences and subsequent punts of recent vintage sticks out and involves former Tide punter, Daniel Pope.

The entire thing is worth watching in its glory — it’s a great way to kill a lunch break, that’s for sure. But, if you want to skip to the chase and see what forlorn circumstances the ex-Tide specialist found himself in, I’ve cued up the video for you:

Ed. Note: I’ve been combing my Google alerts and RSS feed this morning for an hour, in search of anything substantive to bring you folks for a JP. Frankly, there just isn’t much out there — well, actually nothing.

We do have a bracketology piece coming later — hopefully today, and our Senior Salute to Damien Harris will be coming along later this morning. So there is that to look forward to, at least. If some news breaks today, then we’ll crank that out for you as well. But, alas nothing for a JP that doesn’t involve grotesque filler (Dareus restructures contract to Jacksonville), inanity (Johnny Football kicked out of the CFL), speculation (Mosley in Baltimore), or just outright behind a paywall (lookin’ at you, ‘Crootin’ sites.)

Sorry. But you know the rules: #NoRefunds