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MAP: Where Bama’s Class of 2019 Recruits Come From

Alabama’s back on top

After signing just 21 players in the Class of 2018 and finishing with the #5 class, Alabama hauled in 27 signees this year and once again had the #1 class.

There are a couple interesting (at least to me) differences in where the recruits come from. Last year, the Tide signed just two players from Alabama and zero from Mississippi. A year later, the Tide took six Alabama recruits and two Mississippi recruits.

A couple streaks were broken this year. The Class of 2019 is the first class since 2012 that Alabama had no signees from California (RIP Henry To’oto’o). Don’t worry, though; Alabama still has 4 scholarship players from California so we don’t lose the bonus points for a recruiting pipeline. Also, for the first time in Nick Saban’s tenure at Alabama, the Tide signed zero junior college players.

Still, the staff plucked players from around the country. New Jersey and the DMV area (DC, Maryland, Virginia), Texas, and even Illinois - reportedly the first in at least 20 years - all sent players to Tuscaloosa.

For those who care, both players from football factory IMG Academy spent the majority of their high school careers there (they both transferred there before their sophomore seasons) and both are from Florida originally anyway. I did note their original hometowns for your viewing pleasure, however.

State breakdown:

Alabama - 6

Florida - 4

Georgia - 3

Maryland - 3

Louisiana - 2

Mississippi - 2

Texas - 2

New Jersey - 2

Kentucky - 1

Illinois - 1

Washington, D.C. - 1