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Giving Away Money: AAF regular season win totals, props and Week 1 spreads

Actually, I’m NOT giving away money this week, but feel free to be a degenerate anyway.

Las Vegas

Whoo Hoo! Football is not yet dead: The highly ambitious Alliance of American Football begins play this weekend.

We were cautiously optimistic about the AAF last summer, saying that this iteration of a spring professional league “just feels different.” We especially thought the franchise placements were smart: Most of the clubs are in markets that were accustomed to minor league football (Orlando, San Antonio), had preexisting municipal rivalries (Birmingham-Memphis), or had previously lost NFL franchises (San Diego):

Healthy skepticism is warranted, to be sure, as is a lot more substantive marketing and promotion. And, of course, we’ll need to see what kind of talent the league attracts, its differentiating rule book “hook”, and how the league positions itself — will it be like small division league? Unaffiliated, except for its city, with a decided eye on catering to local markets? Or will it be a feeder league, full of talented college players that simply didn’t seem to be good enough for the NFL at the time? Players like Peyton Barber or Dominick Jackson come to mind. Hey, it worked for Rod Smart.

Since that time, the AAF has held a fairly success series of events, including uniform launch parties and a livestream keep-or-trade QB draft that trended very positively on various social media platforms. (Full rosters here, BTW.)

And, now, just 74 days since its entry draft and uniform launch, AAF is here. Spring Football. Feels good, doesn’t it?

Vegas has gotten in on the action too, issuing props, season totals, and first-week odds. For you folks in Birmingham or supporters of the Iron, I regret to inform you the roster looks really thin. Not much is expected from the Magic City in this inaugural campaign.

Anyway, on to the handicapping. Link to odds:, and Twitter is here: @BetDSI

Week 1 Odds

Atlanta Legends at Orlando Apollos (-5.5, 44.5)

San Diego Fleet at San Antonio Commanders (-5, 43.5)

Memphis Express at Birmingham Iron (-1, 40.5)

Salt Lake Stallions at Arizona Hotshots (-4.5, 42.5)

Odds to win AAF Championship (Las Vegas, April 2019)

Arizona Hotshots +250

Orlando Apollos +300

San Antonio Commanders +400

Salt Lake Stallions +500

Memphis Express +600

San Diego Fleet +600

Atlanta Legends +800

Birmingham Iron +1200

Arizona Hotshots regular season win total

Over 6.5 (-110)

Under 6.5 (-120)

Orlando Apollos regular season win total

Over 6 (-115)

Under 6 (-115)

San Antonio Commanders regular season win total

Over 5.5 (-130)

Under 5.5 (+100)

Memphis Express regular season win total

Over 5 (-120)

Under 5 (-110)

San Diego Fleet regular season win total

Over 4.5 (-130)

Under 4.5 (+100)

Salt Lake Stallions regular season win total

Over 4.5 (-120)

Under 4.5 (-110)

Atlanta Legends regular season win total

Over 4 (-115)

Under 4 (-115)

Birmingham Iron regular season win total

Over 3.5 (-110)

Under 3.5 (-120)


Orlando Apollos vs. Atlanta Legends AAF Opening Day attendance (according to CBS Sports)

Over 26,000 (-115)

Under 26,000 (-115)

San Antonio Commanders vs. San Diego Fleet AAF Opening Day attendance (according to CBS Sports)

Over 28,000 (-115)

Under 28,000 (-115)

Will any AAF player or team be investigated for match-fixing, wager-fixing, prop-fixing in 2019?

Yes +600

No -1000

AAF total years of existence (beginning in 2019)

Over 4.5 years (-140)

Under 4.5 years (+110)