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Jumbo Package: Three former ‘Bama stars sign $200 million worth of NFL contracts in less than 24 hours


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Later today, we begin to roll out our Spring 2019 Unit Previews, and we’ll feature the offensive coaching staff — you’re gonna’ need a score card for the seven new guys Nick Saban hired this offseason. Of course, substantial weight is given to Steve Sarkisian as the Tide’s new OC and QBC.

The biggest question isn’t whether he can generate results on the field, but whether Alabama fans can be sold on the hire. Good piece by Ranier Sabin here and a good foresshadowing of my discussion later today. Thanks for the dime, Aye Ell.

If you can jam up your man at the line of scrimmage, reasonably cover him, and then knock his head off when he happens to catch the ball, then does the NFL ever want you:

New Broncos coach Vic Fangio looks to be getting some hard-hitting help in the secondary.

Denver is expected to sign free-agent defensive back Kareem Jackson to a three-year, $33 million deal, NFL Network Insider Ian Rapoport reported Monday night.

The former Texans standout will get $23 million in guaranteed money.

Get P-A-I-D, Kareem.

But Jackson’s payday positively pales in comparison to the deal C.J. Mosley is expected to ink at noon eastern. As Brent said, the market at the position has been stagnant for so long, that this deal resets the value of all-star ILBs.

Mr. Mosley is now set to be the highest paid player at the position. Per and

Mosley agreed to leave the Baltimore Ravens for a five-year, $85 million contract from the Jets that includes $51 million of guaranteed money, NFL Network and reported on Tuesday morning. NFL Network reported the former Alabama All-American agreed to the contract at 3 a.m. EDT Tuesday.

More stats in the above article about how flat the market was at the position.

Man, I miss outstanding inside linebackers :(

Nor was CJ alone in getting a fat, long-term deal with oodles of guaranteed money. Two-time Pro-Bowler and 2017 All-Pro Landon Collins is also off to the bank.

From the Athletic:

The​ Redskins and​ free​ agent​ safety​ Landon​ Collins agreed to​ a six-year, $84​ million​ deal,​ with $45​ million​ guaranteed. The connection​ to​​ Washington was obvious, with the significant need for a starting safety after cutting D.J. Swearinger, and the Redskins affinity for former Alabama products. While the contract is a big one, which was tough to predict with the Redskins salary cap situation, Collins will bring plenty to the Redskins secondary at strong safety, while at the same time weakening a divisional rival as the Giants lose one of their better defenders.

I wonder how mad Landon’s momma is now?

If you’re keeping track at home, that three NFL contracts in less than 24 hours, for about $200 million, with at least $120 million guaranteed.

Gee, can’t imagine why Alabama continues to have recruiting success.

Doing well by doing good:

Alabama sophomore forward Galin Smith was named to the Southeastern Conference’s Community Service Team for men’s basketball, the league office announced on Monday. Smith is Alabama’s representative on the 14-man team that honors players’ exemplary service to their communities.

The Clinton, Miss., native has been a pillar to both the University of Alabama and city of Tuscaloosa communities since his arrival on campus in 2017 and is one of the team leaders in total hours served in the community. Most notably, Smith has been a fixture at the Alberta Unity Project, which is spearheaded by the University of Alabama athletics department. While there, he assisted in rebuilding projects and helped mentor young children in the community. He has also participated in the Alberta City Fall Festival, donating his time to volunteer at the event. Additionally, he volunteered his free time at the College Hill Baptist Church Fall Festival.

Congratulations to Galin, and a special thank you for all the work he’s done in the local community.

Speaking of hoops, we’ll begin our coverage of the SEC Basketball tournament tomorrow. The 10-seed Crimson Tide square off against the 7th-seed Ole Miss Rebels. In Kermit Davis’ first year, a team that was expected to finish at the bottom of the conference and miss postseason play all together, has vastly exceeded the benchmarks of even the most wild-eyed Ole Miss fan. The Rebels have all-but assured themselves an NCAA bid, have hit 20+ wins, and were even ranked in the Top 25 at points throughout the season.

Traveling three hours to East-by-Southeast reveals a much different state of affairs, however. Alabama has, at no point in the past decade, exceeded expectations. The much-lauded recruiting class of two seasons ago has had mixed results and the Tide is now mired in its 9th straight season of 15+ losses.

That’s why I found it odd to read Brad Crawford’s snarky column on 247 on those who are vocally displeased with the job Avery Johnson has done in four seasons:

Many national analysts, including ESPN’s Dick Vitale, are vouching for Johnson and say he’s performed to expectations given what he inherited. The vocal minority doesn’t agree. The loss to Auburn on March 5 coupled with a game that Crimson Tide could’ve won against the Razorbacks is too much to stomach for most. Will the opinion change if Alabama wins or game or two in the SEC Tournament? Behind the SEC’s top three locks for the NCAA Tournament, it’s unclear how many at-large teams the committee will select for the postseason.

Crawford and others are overlooking that the issue most have isn’t the W-L record alone; it’s how the Tide gets there, year-after-year, game-after-game. Johnson has been a very good recruiter on paper. But, whether it is an issue of bad evaluation, bad chemistry, bad management, or bad development, those recruiting classes simply haven’t panned out to-date. People knowledgeable with the program know the mess that Johnson inherited — and that’s why people were willing to give him a full four-year recruiting cycle. That time is up.

These aren’t, as Crawford insinuates “jeers from the cheap seats,” this is demanding something other than a sub.-500 SEC record, second-half swoons, and the same errors and deficits repeating themselves. It’s demanding value for the $2.9 million per year that Johnson earns.

I would guess CAJ gets another season, should he choose to stay. Consider this his mulligan year. But at the same time, he has to earn our trust again and make substantial changes to his method and certainly the outcome. This buckle isn’t snapping back together until he gives me a reason to do so, and no amount of rah-rah, hashtags, or awesome slogans will change that. Put up or shut up time.

And it is not fecklessness or a halfhearted passing hoops literacy to demand that of the 15th-highest paid coach in college basketball.

The NFL simply cannot get over its Nick Saban fixation:

Riddick was recently singing the praises of Alabama coach Nick Saban on The Peter King Podcast, and dropped an interesting nugget at the end.

“He would have been a fantastic head coach. Look, let’s just put it this way: If I was running a team, and I came close, he’d be the first guy I’d call,” Riddick said. “He’d still be the first guy I’d call. ‘Can we get you out of Tuscaloosa?’ I hold him in that high a regard.”

King then asked if Riddick had another shot to interview, if he’d reach out to Saban.

Who’s to say I haven’t already?” Riddick replied.

Riddick himself was former GM for the Philadelphia Eagles and is widely considered to be a candidate for both the GM positions with the Redskins and the Giants (What? No Cowboys to consolidate all NFC East interest?)

As the Tide players are enjoying their spring break, Nick Saban and staff have begun to sketch out what they’d like to see from the team over the Spring camp.

His remarks regarding the backup quarterbacks are particularly interesting.

Good to hear:

Alabama rising sophomore linebacker Ale Kaho missed the Crimson Tide’s first spring practice Friday because he was dealing with “some issues” off the field, head coach Nick Saban said.

But according to Kaho’s latest post on social media, he could “be back real soon.”

On Monday night, the latest post on Kaho’s Instagram story featured a photo of himself and teammate Dylan Moses at practice with, “They lied to you… 10 gon be back real soon… stronger than ever! #TestMe100” above and below the picture. That’s certainly a positive development.

That is outstanding for the team, but even better for Kaho. Godspeed No. 10. We look forward to having you back.

And, finally, please enjoy the recent SEC Shorts, as A&M and Texas begin their two-step towards resuming the series:

Okay, that’ll get you started for the day. We’ll be back later with our piece on the offensive coaching staff.

Roll Tide.