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RBR Podcast: Ep. 2 — ‘Bama baseball with Will Elliot & Roger Myers: Building something special in Tuscaloosa

Have you caught ‘Bama Baseball Fever? This bandwagon is filling up fast.

Bama Baseball Fever: Let’s hope for an epidemic!

Mariah Garza

The baseball program is off to a great start this season. Riding a 16-2 record and its longest winning streak in two decades, we wanted to give ‘Bama baseball some love. The Tide dials up the degree of difficulty this weekend when conference play opens on the road at Ole Miss’ raucous Swayze Field.

So, with spring having sprung, it’s time talk about the Boys of Summer.

Today, we’re joined by two of the most knowledgeable guests around the program: Will Elliott (@will_elliott22) — formerly of the Right Field Ragers and our own Roger Myers (@rogerpatmyers). We’re not being humble when we say they came on and carried the show with all of their insight and information:

  • The skinny on Tide baseball 2019;
  • What the season holds and what ‘Bama has accomplished so far;
  • Differences between this year and teams from ‘Bama’s past;
  • What Coach Bohannon has meant to the program and what he brings to the Tide dugout;
  • If you are a fan of team and individual statistics, you are in luck this week.

There’s simply a plethora of great information this week on the diamond, and we can’t thank Will and Roger enough for joining us to talk baseball.

The episode is embedded below: So, go ahead and dig in; answer some questions — or ask some of your own.

Roll Tide
‘Bama Baseball Fever: Catch it.

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