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Fight Me Friday: Cheese grits are trash; shrimp grits are worse

Taking something pure and bastardizing it.


Blame it on the desire of people who want to overcomplicate simple, local food, in the hopes that premium ingredients mean a premium product — looking at you, Gourmet Biscuit Restaurants. But some things are simple comfort foods for a reason. In this case, we speak of the humble bowl of grits.

The South’s answer to cream of wheat and oatmeal, it is a staple good of the region. And, like those warm porridges, it is meant to be uncomplicated fare: a regional grain, some butter, some salt, some pepper.

You know what that recipe notably lacks...what it has traditionally and should always lack? Cheese and seafood.

Grits are delicious.

Cheeses are delicious.

Shrimp are delicious.

But porridge never cried out for cheese, and even less does a bowl of grits require adding the cockroach of the sea to it.

Shrimp and cheese grits are trash.

Fight me.