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How to help Lee County tornado victims

Time to rally round for the ‘Barn

tuscaloosa tornado
We recall this all too well

Here we go again.

Just as Spring is trying to make an appearance throughout much of the South, a brutal arctic cold front came storming down upon the central United States. We are all too familiar with what happens in this region when the warm, moist Gulf stream barrels head-on into the Arctic air.

And yesterday was Auburn’s turn to feel the brunt of Mother Nature.

In one of the more devastating storm systems of the last few years, an EF3 ripped through Lee County, passing over several mobile homes, killing at least 23, with hundreds more injured, and dozens in very bad shape.

Much of the storm’s path looks like a war zone: is posting up-to-the minute aid information:

Here’s how you can help:

American Red Cross

American Red Cross is offering its contact service so families displaced by the storm can find loved ones. For immediate assistance, call Red Cross at 1-334-749-9981 or go here.

Donations can also be made at Red Cross of East Alabama here.

Contact Loved Ones

— LeeCo Sheriff AL (@lcsoal) March 4, 2019

The Red Cross has a shelter set up at Providence Baptist Church in Opelika offering food, water and counseling.

Finding loved ones

You can also check on loved ones here.

Also, as was passed along to me from a professor at Auburn, East Alabama Medical is in dire need of blood and plasma. If you’re nearby the area, you can donate at LifeSouth in Opelika (505 E Thomason Cir, Opelika, AL 36801).

So, if you good folks (and you’re all good folks) are inclined and have the ways or means to help, the folks in East Alabama sure would appreciate it. You very well may save a life.

Rally ‘round and Roll Tide.