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2019 Alabama A-Day Game Information and Crowdsource Open Thread

Feel free to add your own tips and info

Alabama Spring Game
Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images

The Game:

1:00 Central, ESPN2 and available for streaming on ESPN+
Stats livestream via Sidearm Sports, if you can’t watch
Saturday, April 13 2019
Bryant Denny Stadium
Admission: Free. But you can be all fancy and get a field suite or other upgrade here.

Transit and Parking:

Traffic is a disaster between the never-ending construction (where workers may turn a spade once every two weeks), Tuscaloosa’s outsized population for its infrastructure, and 90,000 new guests. Just be prepared for that. Here is a map of all the road closures. Roadblocks around campus begin at 10:00 a.m. local.

Gameday Disability Lots 2 and 3 are closed. However, Disability Lot 1 (Wallace Wade) and Lot 4 (Campus Dr. Deck) are first-come, first-serve and are free.

Other public parking is also first-come, first-serve and is free on campus. Parking map is here. But, you can pay for reserved parking at the South Ten Hoor lot — $20. That’s worth it, IYAM, since the game is free. Given the snarl of traffic around campus and downtown, you may be better served taking the Crimson Shuttle.

Per the University, re: RVs:

Public On-Campus RV Parking is located in the NE RV Lot (across from Rhoads Softball Stadium) for $75/space
Northington RV Lot parking is FREE for A-Day and will open on Friday at noon
Commercial Busses will be allowed to park in the NE RV Lot FREE of charge - Sat. only
CLICK HERE to purchase your on-campus A-Day RV Pass

Security, cuz terruhsts hate our freedoms:

The University has had for three years now a clear bag policy. The rest of the SEC has followed suit, and it is now pro forma in all NCAA venues. Here’s what you can and can not do with your clear bag, and what you cannot bring in your bag.

You can purchase a clear bag from a vendors outside the stadium. Pick one up from your local Wegner’s or Walmart etc. The University also sells some very durable Script A-branded ones for ten bucks, IIRC. Not sure if they’re available on A-Day, but if so, I’d get that one. They’re even strong enough for me to use as a freaking computer bag when I travel to campus.

This is also the second year of Alabama’s metal detector policy. Remember First Grade when Mrs. Ramsey taught you how to get into a single-file line to go to recess? Same concept. Hearken back to those lessons and you’ll be through it in 5 minutes. But, because people have never been, or are invariably The Worst (TM), give yourself 20-30 minutes. There are a lot of first-timers and long-time exiles that may not be familiar with it. Please be patient with those folks. But for those that know better, please don’t be That Guy.

By now, you know what you can and cannot bring, and what you can and cannot do in the stadium or an campus: no smoking (anywhere on campus...but that is rarely enforced outside of the stadium), no likker, no firearms, no redneck amateur ordnance (but if you do, invite me please. I love blowing stuff up), no “hold my beer” moments.

Schedule of Events:

9 a.m. Mercedes Benz Fan Fest Area Opens
9:30 a.m. TIDE PRIDE Luncheon (Coleman Coliseum)
10 a.m. Gates Open
10:30 - 11:15 a.m. Alumni Flag Football Game
11:15 a.m. Walk of Fame Ceremony
11:50 a.m. Walk of Champions
1 p.m. Kick-off
Post-Game Fans May Access the Field

Final Thoughts

I can also tell you, pals, the 5-0 are out. I passed no fewer than four Troopers on I22/78 and 43 once I hit the Alabama line last night. So drive safe, drive sober, and put your phone down.

Here’s to a great A-Day as we elect to kick ass in 2019.

Leave your own tips and tricks, places to eat, activities, things to do for the family, alternate routes, etc. below.

Roll Tide