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Alabama Football 2019 NFL Draft Profile: OLB/EDGE Christian Miller

One of the most intriguing and talented wildcards of the Draft

Auburn v Alabama Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Measurables: 6’4”, 244

Speed/Strength: DNC, 18 (Pro Day)

Hops (vert/broad): 38.5”, 118”

Mobility (3-cone, shuttle): DNC

Best Traits: Surprising punch and power, large bag of pass rushing tricks, length, footwork, hands, plenty of potential to improve.

Worst Traits: Lacks elite burst off the edge, upright bearing leads to a wider arc that often runs him out of plays, injury history has to be a concern.

As a physical specimen, Christian Miller absolutely looks the part, that’s for sure. He may not be the raw athlete that Terrell Lewis is, but he is a more refined pass-rusher and has a broad arsenal of techniques to make up for a lack of elite quickness — from a surprisingly powerful chop to the use of his hands to a stutter-step that freezes linemen to an inside swim move that is highly effective. He was the Tide’s most complete edge rusher in 2018 for a reason.

Most scouts agree he has a lot of room to grow; he’s still a raw prospect despite leaving as a 5th-year player. But, and it is a huge one, his injury history is going to rightly scare off a lot of teams. He already doesn’t have the best straight line speed, and that nagging hamstring injury from the Orange Bowl was still sticking around for the both the Combine in February and again in the Tide’s March Pro Day. Before that, he suffered a season-ending torn bicep in the Tide’s 2017 season opener.

Perhaps of all the Alabama players not named Mack Wilson, Miller is the most intriguing Tide prospect. As the Draft Network said “he is a standout amongst standouts. His ‘flash’ plays as a pass rusher shows the traits of a future pro-bowler.” That is true. His tight arc sack of Kyler Murray one-on-one against Cody Ford, where he abused the future pro-bowl tackle, shows what he can do against elite competition. But is is also equally true that Miller may never fully be able to capitalize on his enormous potential: sometimes bodies are just like that.

Still, if I’m a GM drafting late and Miller is still on the board, this is a pick I make without question: it has serious potential to be a steal of the later rounds in an NFL that is desperate for edge rushers