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Roll ‘Bama Roll welcomes back Clint Lamb — Senior Football Writer

Boy, are we glad to see him return too!

About three years ago, we had the pleasure to work with an excellent up-and-coming young football writer, Clint Lamb.

Clint left after several months and a lot of good work with us to pursue other opportunities. However, we are very pleased to announce his return to the Roll ‘Bama Roll fold — like us all, a few years older and more wizened.

Clint will be one of the site’s senior football writers: No basketball, no non-revenue sports, just 100% Alabama Football. That content is the heart and soul of the site, and the raison d’etre for our vibrant, strong community now a dozen years in the making.

Beginning around May 15th, Clint will be providing you folks with two football articles a week, every week. I know you’ll be happy to have that material to hand to engage with during the long, bitter offseason. And, I know we’re over the moon to have the fortune to add another talented voice to our merry band of raconteurs.

So, please welcome Clint back to the site, and feel free to connect with him on social. His author profile page/email is here — it’s on the masthead and everything! And he can be found on the Twitter machine at @ClintRLamb

<p zoompage-fontsize="15" style="">SEC Championship - Alabama v Florida

Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images