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88 Things to Love About Alabama: The world’s largest brick

Montgomery is a weird place, y’all

Those of us from other parts of the state may look down on Montgomery a bit.

Compared to Alabama’s mountains and beaches, the military-aeronautic hub in Huntsville, the bustle of the University of Alabama, the low-key sketch of Decatur, the rich history of Mobile, Birmingham’s healthcare and culinary mecca — even the pure weirdness of Jasper — our sleepy capital city of 374,000 gets somewhat overlooked.

But, don’t scoff, gentle reader. The self-styled “cradle of the Confederacy” had a Guinness-verified world record holder in its very midst.

Until 2007, when it was overtaken by a company in Denton (TX), the Jenkins Brick Company laid stake to the claim of having the World’s Largest Brick.

Only Shelley could have spake of its sublime power more eloquently: Look on my Works, ye Mighty and despair!

Until 2007, just past the intersection of Atlanta Highway and I-85, you could see the Jenkins Brick Co. and its ubiquitous Big Ass Brick.

Sadly, just like those fabled meisterwerks in Shelley’s Ozymandias, they are no more — neither the world record, nor the very name “Jenkins” — it is now the Acme Brick Company — though, the Big Ass Brick remains.

And, Lo! the Brick isn’t taking its demotion lying down. Just as the mighty Phoenix arises from its the ashes, spiraling to new heights from its own pyre, so too has the Brick regained its notoriety.

The Brick is now the world’s largest brick...made out of bricks.

Sneer if you will at Montgomery, but what other city has given you Brickception?

Indeed, what other city could have?

88 Days until Football Season

Roll Tide.