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Thursday Social Open Thread: Auburn Jokes

It’s a slow week, so why not?

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Hi folks, we are starting to rotate in and out for vacations and the like. I’m on the road this week car shopping and heading to Dallas for the last Slayer tour ever (pour one out for Jeff Hanneman).

Anyway, as you can tell, it’s a light week, so we have JPs on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, and a few other pieces throughout the week. So, today we’re going to have this open thread in lieu of a JP — which we shall dedicate to your best Auburn jokes. Feel free to drop any news below you want to as well.

Today’s piece is nspired by this story:

Alabama and Auburn fans are familiar with the saying, “A house divided”. That definitely rings true for a family with twins. AUFamily, a Facebook page for Auburn fans, shared the photo below with the caption “Twins in a die-hard #Auburn family make their college choices ...”.

On one side is a man with his arm around a young man holding a bouquet of balloons in Auburn colors and a big foam finger. Both men have big smiles. Standing nearby is a young lady wearing a ‘Bama shirt and holding a lone crimson-colored balloon.

This photo really drives a few things home: 1. Girls really do have more common sense than boys — a picture is worth a thousand words in that respect, and 2. as happy as Dad is for his son, I wonder what his reaction will be when she hires her useless unqualified brother in 5 years?

Anyway, give us your best, anecdotes, stories, ‘Barn moments. It’s always a good day to #FAU, so get started.

Roll Tide