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Pick Your 21st Century All-Alabama Crimson Tide Basketball Team

Yeah, it’s the off-season. What’s it to ya?

SEC Basketball Tournament - Second Round
Only one season of Collin Sexton but quite memorable.
Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

I TOTALLY stole this idea off of the Twitterz but it’s the off-season and Clempson is trying to cover-up their rampant use of ostarine on their football players.

In short, name your All-Alabama basketball team since 2000. It’s not as easy as you may think.


  1. Pick three guards and two forwards or two guards and three forwards. No four or five of one position. If there are any pure centers you think worthy, I apologize for their glaring omissions.
  2. Players must have played the 2000-2001 season up through this past season.
  3. Active players are okay, but don’t just pick them because you can’t remember anything past last week.
  4. I have not included certain players who transferred out but feel free if that’s where you want to go with it.


  • G Collin Sexton
  • G Mo Williams
  • G Rod Grizzard
  • F Richard Hendrix
  • F Erwin Dudley

Below are some players to choose from but feel free to add any I may have excluded.

  • F Chuck Davis
  • F Donta Hall
  • F Erwin Dudley
  • F JaMychal Green
  • F Jermareo Davidson
  • F Kennedy Winston
  • F Richard Hendrix
  • F Riley Norris
  • F Tony Mitchell
  • G Alonzo Gee
  • G Collin Sexton
  • G Earnest Shelton
  • G Gerald Wallace
  • G Kira Lewis
  • G Levi Randolph
  • G Mikhail Torrance
  • G Mo Williams
  • G Retin Obasohan
  • G Rod Grizzard
  • G Ronald Steele
  • G Trevor Releford
  • G Antoine Pettway