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Bama and the MLB Draft

Things went pretty well for the Tide.

MLB: Seattle Mariners at Los Angeles Angels
“Should I stay or should I go?”
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Alabama had twelve players picked in the three day MLB draft that concluded Thursday night. All things considered coach Brad Bohannon seems pleased with the results. As expected shortstop C J Abrams, an incoming freshman from Georgia, was picked early. Abrams was the sixth overall pick by the San Diego Padres. The slot value of his pick is almost $5.5 million dollars, and the Tide will not see him reach campus.

The second day of the draft saw no players with Bama connections being picked, but day three in Thursday had 11 more picks. The most concerning ones for the Tide being 17th round left-handed pitcher Antoine Jean out of Canada, and shortstop Myles Austin from Georgia. Jean was chosen by the Minnesota Twins, and Austin was the 20th round pick of the Milwaukee Brewers. Bohannon is concerned that either or both could choose to sign, depending on how much money the teams have to offer.

Other incoming players that were drafted include junior college pitcher Chad Bryant, 25th round by Atlanta, C-OF Owen Diodati from Canada by his hometown Blue Jays in the 29th, JUCO OF Jackson Tate in the 32nd by Seattle, and LHP Connor Prielipp from Wisconsin by the Boston Red Sox in the 37th round. As of now each of these players are expected to report to Tuscaloosa in July for second term summer school.

The current players that were picked were pitched Deacon Medders, second baseman Morgan McCullough, pitcher Davis Vainer, pitcher Jeremy Randolph, and pitcher Brock Love. Medders, a junior pitcher from Tuscaloosa, was the 20th round pick of the San Diego Padres, he is expected to sign. McCullough, a junior from Seattle, was the 21st round choice of the Los Angeles Angels. There is a good chance he will begin his professional career. Vainer, a redshirt junior from Atlanta, was picked in the 21st round by the Houston Astros. Vainer graduated in May, and if he doesn’t go pro, will be a grad transfer at Arizona in the fall.

Grad transfer pitcher Jeremy Randolph was rewarded for his outstanding season by been picked by the St Louis Cardinals in the 26th round. Redshirt junior pitcher Brock Love, who had an injury plague career at Alabama, was picked in the 34th round by the Miami Marlins. Love bounced back to have a solid season this year for the Tide. The Gadsden native has already graduated and will finish his Masters early this summer.

Overall, things went well for the Tide. Abrams was a no brainer to go pro, and if Austin and Jean both decide to come to college, things couldn’t have gone any better. Austin would be a huge get, as many people expected him to be a day one pick. Hopefully for Bama the Brewers will use up the majority of their pool money and Austin will choose college. If not, we will wish him well and hope to see him in a Brewers uniform soon.

The Tide roster should start to take shape as decisions are made, and the talent level in Tuscaloosa continues to go up, little by little, step by step.

Roll Tide

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