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77 Things to Love About Alabama: Bamahenge and the Dinosaurs in the Woods

There’s random, then there’s...this.

Sometimes people with money become philanthropists, and their names become part of our lexicon of charitable giving — such as the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation. Sometimes they dream big, taking their money and hopes to move mankind forward — such as Elon Musk’s Mars shot project.

And, sometimes, they commission an artist to build a full-size styrofoam replica of Stonehenge near an Elberta marina and dot the piney woods with foam dinosaurs.

Bamahenge was thus born.

This full-size foam replica of Stonehenge is unique not just for...well, everything, but also for its loving attention to detail — right down to the coarse-quarried stone imitation, its size and spacial orientation, and its fully-functional solstice observatory — exactly like its counterpart in Wiltshire.

But, no, you won’t find hippies and 21st century druids here. You will find Bamahenge, good chartered fishing, and — if you walk far enough in the woods — some dinosaurs, knights, and maybe even the fabled Arthurian Lady in the Lake.

Admit it. You’re curious now and want to visit, right? Of course you do:

There’s no fee to see Bamahenge or the Dinosaurs in the Woods From Elberta, follow US-98/State St. east for about 3 miles and turn right onto Old Co Rd (Rt 95), then about go 5 miles and turn right onto Fish Trap Rd. Go for half a mile, and at the sign for Barber Marina turn left onto Barber Pkwy. In a little over a mile you’ll see the stones in a clearing, just off to the right through the rows of tall pines. Park anywhere off the road and it’s just a minute or two to walk over to the site. If you continue for another quarter mile you’ll see the dinosaurs.

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