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RBR Podcast: Season 3, Ep. 14 — Phil Steele teaser!

Are you a VHT listener? Yes. Yes, you are.


Brad and Wes are back following the break, and have have got news to share:

They will be interviewing the one and only Phil Steele next week!

So we want topics and question ideas from you! Make sure to leave a comment with what you’d like to hear them discuss with Phil.

Now, for this week’s show, there’s a hodgepodge of ground to cover.

  • The Battle for Atlantis and Alabama’s potential matchups (that is an amazing name for a tournament, BTW.) As well as what a good showing can mean for the program.
  • We also preview the interview with Phil Steele
  • Mark Gottfried and the NCAA notice of allegations — what’s next following the criminal trials? Who feels the axe?
  • A surprising former Alabama QB showing up on draft boards
  • As usual, our dumb jokes — even a special shoutout to luxuriant locks of John Parker Wilson.

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The more ratings we have, and the better they are, the more Apple etc. will promote it, and the more that listeners will be able to find the show. With football season and recruiting gearing up just around the corner, and our content expanding, you won’t want to miss it!