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RBR Podcast: The one, the only Phil Steele

We’re so pumped about this.

Always a VHT in our heart.

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Welcome to Season 3., Episode 15 of the Roll ‘Bama Roll pod. We could absolutely not be more excited about our special guest today: the man behind the acronyms and outstanding magazine; the one and only Phil Steele.

Today’s special gues requires little introduction. Phil Steele, of Phil Steele’s College Football Preview Magazine and ESPN Insider, joins us this week.

And, thanks to your reader questions, we have a lot of ground to cover with Phil:

  • How did the preview magazine begin and why?
  • Can Duke become a resume-building win at season’s end?
  • What are Alabama’s question mark positions?
  • Which SEC program has a chance to rise from mediocrity and compete for their division?
  • Who is underrated nationally and which program will suffer a fall from grace?
  • Is Najee Harris a legitimate Heisman contender?
  • Is LSU still Alabama’s stiffest competition?
  • And much more...

Again, our special thanks to Phil. You can visit his website, pick up his magazine at numerous retailers and even online for immediate download, and browse the complete store. If you’re new to CFB, his magazine and analysis are must-haves. And if you’re an old hand and don’t have the 2019 edition yet, what’s stopping you? Get to a store.

Phil is also on Twitter at @PhilSteele042. Go say hi!

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