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Eyabi Anoma is not currently enrolled at Alabama

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Oh hi, offseason!

Alabama Spring Game Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

The Eyabi Anoma saga seemingly won’t end.

After a short trip to the transfer portal, it seemed that Sal Sunseri was getting through to the mercurial young pass rusher. Anoma was taking first team reps in the spring and all indications were that he was headed for a potential breakout season.

Unfortunately, courtesy of Cecil Hurt:

“Eyabi Anoma is currently not attending classes at The University of Alabama,” the statement said. UA offered no addditional details

A spokesman for the UA Athletics Department referred all questions to UA’s Division of Communications.

There has been no word on Anoma re-entering his name into the portal, but he will be unable to participate in any team activities unless he gets himself enrolled.

Stay tuned.