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Jumbo Package: Alabama unveils 150th anniversary uniform update

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Your latest Crimson Tide news and notes.

Arkansas v Alabama

Happy Monday, everyone. College football is celebrating 150 years this season and in the spirit, Alabama has updated its uniform for the 2019 campaign.

That’s one good looking shoulder patch, isn’t it?

We got the latest on the Eyabi Anoma situation, and his departure was likely expected by the staff for some time.

This is consistent with what we’ve heard from various sources and, if accurate, would mean that Anoma committed some sort of code of conduct violation that goes well beyond football team rules. Good luck in your next endeavor, Eyabi.

We also learned that Kedrick James is going back home.

Former Crimson Tide tight end Kedrick James is transferring to SMU, he told

SMU is less than two hours away from home for James, a Waco, Texas native.

We have no idea what prompted this move, but best of luck to him as well.

Speaking of transfers, Tate Martell originally committed to Washington during the recruiting process, then flipped to Texas A&M, then finally signed with Ohio State. He stayed in Columbus for two seasons and then bolted for Miami, where he was granted a waiver to play immediately for some ridiculous reason. Well...

I swear, I’m not laughing about this, you are. We’ll see where Tathan runs off to next. He will always be linked to Justin Fields, whose own transfer in to Ohio State prompted Martell’s move. Related, 247sports discusses the impact of recruiting rankings on the athlete’s mentality.

It’s true that some players, often to their detriment, focus on the number of stars on their resume or their national ranking instead of working to get better every day. That’s an unfortunate by-product of recruiting rankings and the big business surrounding football recruiting.

“Recruiting has become, you know, 24-7, “Saban said at SEC Media Days earlier this month, “because we’ve created a scenario where we have to recruit constantly because we’re recruiting guys in advance as we move up the recruiting calendar.”

Fields was told by everybody in the industry that he was 1 and 1a with Trevor Lawrence. Watching Lawrence start in the playoffs while he sat behind Jake Fromm undoubtedly contributed to his lack of patience, and one has to wonder how much of a role the recruiting hype played. A young ego can be a blessing and a curse.

Cecil has a good piece on the impact of the LSU game on Alabama’s psyche last season.

But between the weight of recent history and the two-week mania that led up to last year’s game, one can see why players would reach an emotional peak. That’s where another factor that Saban mentioned more than once came into play. When a team wins, habits become reinforced and if that team wins a game of such hype in early November, perhaps they feel that what they are doing in terms of preparation and effort is enough.

LSU is always a physical contest as well, but the 29-0 whitewashing last season probably did lead to some complacency. It’s been a while since LSU was dominated like that in Baton Rouge.

Charlie Potter put out his season preview, and the first game of the year is about what we’d expect.

Last year to open the season, Alabama faced a Louisville team that was breaking in a new quarterback on a neutral field. The Crimson Tide won that game in Orlando, 51-14, extending its streak of wins in neutral-site openers to eight in a row. Duke has some talent on defense, especially if cornerback Mark Gilbert is healthy, but that won’t matter too much against a motivated Nick Saban-coached team. To open the 2019 season, I think Alabama makes the kind of statement it has envisioned making all offseason long following its disappointing end to 2018 against a Duke team that, although has some upside, is in a similar boat as Louisville was last year.

Prediction: Alabama 52, Duke 12

Like most folks, Charlie sees little resistance before November.

Last, SEC Shorts has the remedy for fans of dominant programs who have beaten their rivals so many times that trash talk material has been used up.

“Those ten win seasons are gone like Spurrier...”

Great stuff as always.

That’s about it for today. Have a great week.

Roll Tide.