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Giving Away Money: Westgate releases win totals, division and title odds.

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And there are some good ways to lose a lot of money in here,

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Westgate, the first real Vegas book to do so, released their Playoff Odds, Win Totals, Division Odds, and more.

We’ll start with the Playoff Odds, where Clemson is now the overall favorites to make the playoffs. But, we should note, only two teams are moneyline favorites to make the playoffs: Alabama and Clemson.

College Football Playoff Odds

  • Clemson -500
  • Alabama -400
  • Georgia EV
  • Ohio State +250
  • Michigan +250
  • Oklahoma +275
  • LSU +400
  • Texas +500
  • Nebraska +600
  • Notre Dame +600
  • Auburn +700
  • Florida +800
  • Washington +1000
  • Oregon +1000
  • Utah +1000
  • Texas A&M +1500

That tend holds up as well with the odds to make the championship game. While Alabama is at 5/2 to make the title game, Clemson has just slightly shorter odds at 9/4.

In terms of win totals and division odds, there are some interesting ones in here...and a lot of ways to lose money on jamoke bets. For instance:

  • Michigan is favored in the division (+150) over Ohio State (+160). Huh?
  • The P12 South is a continued dumpster fire, with only one team pegged for more than 7 wins (Utah, o/u 9).
  • Florida is an intriguing Vegas underdog in the East, with a win total of 9. Do you see three losses on the schedule? Auburn at home? LSU at home? FSU? The books are significantly less enthused about the Gators than is the general public.
  • Aggie, a team slaated to finish 4th in their division, are just +1500 to make the playoffs.
  • Nebraska is a tremendous sucker bet — all the way to +600 to make the playoffs, which is better odds than the P12 N/S favorites, LSU or Auburn. 2019 is a helluva drug.

Anyway, here are the full division odds, win totals, playoff odds, and the like. There’s an outstanding embedded series of tables in here that will allow you to sort through by conference as well.

So, see any that you love? Dead giveaway chump bets that jump out at you?