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Fourth of July Independence Day Open Thread

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Celebrate 243 Years of Independence from Great Britain and their dastardly Monarchy!

Philadelphia Phillies v Detroit Tigers Photo by Mark Cunningham/MLB Photos via Getty Images

The staff at RBR have unplugged and scattered to the beach/mountains/backyard/Egan’s and won’t be around much for the next few days. #Refunds will not be honored until Todd gets back from his sabbatical.

So the con is yours. Nachos and squirrels are welcome (but they better be ‘Murican squirrels). Give us your 7/4 band name suggestions, puns, haiku, and any other silly thing you can think of. Just keep it civil.

Upon our return, we will start amping up our football coverage and maybe a little basketball news as well.

Have fun. Be safe. Ignore the haters. God Bless America!