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Bama Cuts is Back for Season Two

Comedian attempts to drop some knowledge on the young-uns.

Bama Cuts is back.

Season 2 of Bama Cuts is upon us. Episode 1 features comedian Rickey Smiley who came in for a beard trimming. Oddly enough, he left his hat on. I guess he doesn’t trust his fade to some barber he hasn’t been going to since he was 5.

Smiley is a Birmingham native who has done a handful of movie and TV roles, but is best known for his radio show and the TV series Dish Nation.

His audience is composed of five Alabama players who have some unique hairstyles of their own:

Najee Harris - long dread ponytail tucked up under a wool cap.

Xavier McKinney - trademark two-tone hair.

Jerry Jeudy - crazy Cosby Show hair.

Terrell Lewis - close-cropped hair.

Raekwon Davis - closer-cropped hair - he is a 300 lbs lineman. He doesn’t need big hair.

They really need to work on the audio for this production. Put some foam on the walls or something...

The next episode with Stephen A. Smith might be more entertaining.