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15 Things to love about Alabama: All of the state symbols

You all know the Yellowhammer, but did you know the Red Hills Salamander is the official state amphibian?

William Bishop

Who doesn’t love a good random facts dump? The state has plenty of well known icons like the Yellowhammer, but did you know that the official Coat of Arms had all of the flags of the different countries that have ruled the state over the centuries?

Who would have ever thought that the official state bible is... well... the Bible? Or that the official state creed is “Alabama’s Creed?”

Would you have ever guessed that the pecan, and not the peanut, was the state nut? And also, who even knew states had official nuts? Aside from Louisiana, that is. That quite obviously belongs to the resident LSU head coach... Be it Les Miles or Coach O.

State Symbols

Emblem/Symbol Name of Emblem/Symbol Date Adopted
Emblem/Symbol Name of Emblem/Symbol Date Adopted
Bible State Bible 1853
Great Seal State map showing major rivers 1939
Flag Crimson Cross of St. Andrew/white field 1895
Bird Yellowhammer 1927
Poets Laureate Alabama State Poets Laureate 1930
Song Alabama 1933
Coat of Arms of Alabama Eagles supporting shield with flags of countries that ruled Alabama 1939
Motto We Dare Maintain Our Rights 1939
Creed Alabama's Creed 1953
Salt Water Fish (Fighting) Tarpon 1955
Flower Camellia 1959
Mineral Hematite (Red Iron Ore) 1967
Rock Marble 1969
Horse Racking Horse 1975
Fresh Water Fish Largemouth Bass 1975
Game Bird Wild Turkey 1980
American Folk Dance of AL Square Dance 1981
Nut Pecan 1982
Fossil Basilosaurus cetoides 1984
Renaissance Faire Florence Renaissance Faire 1988
Alabama State Championship Horse Show 1988
Official Mascot & Butterfly Eastern Tiger Swallowtail 1989
Insect Monarch Butterfly 1989
Reptile Alabama Red-bellied Turtle 1990
Gemstone Star Blue Quartz 1990
Shell Scaphella junonia johnstoneae 1990
Outdoor Drama William Gibson's The Miracle Worker 1991
Barbecue Championship Demopolis Christmas on the River Cook-off 1991
Agricultural Museum Dothan Landmarks Park 1992
Horseshoe Tournament Stockton Fall Horseshoe Tournament 1992
Historic Theatre AL Theatre for the Performing Arts 1993
Outdoor Musical Drama The Incident at Looney's Tavern 1993
Tree Southern Longleaf Pine 1997
Soil Bama Soil Series 1997
Quilt Pine Burr Quilt 1997
Wildflower Oak-leaf Hydrangea 1999
Amphibian Red Hills salamander 2000
Fruit Blackberry 2004
Spirit Conecuh Ridge Alabama Fine Whiskey 2004
Mammal Black Bear 2006
Tree Fruit Peach 2006
Crustacean Brown Shrimp 2015