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Roll ‘Bama Roll’s Third Saturday Crimson Tide Cruise Photo Contest

No, Roy Scheider, we’re not gonna’ need a bigger boat. We’ve already got the biggest one.

All aboard the SS MHAQ!

It took a year, but per my promise, I’ve got a going away present for you all. In conjunction with Ask4 Entertaininment, we are proud to present The Roll ‘Bama Roll Crimson Tide Cruise photo contest as part of the Third Saturday in October blowout. (Hey, Tennessee’s not keeping up their end of the bargain, so we have to do their heavy lifting for them!)

Who needs a Vol Navy when you’ve got a Crimson Tide Cruise?

Scheduled for a 5-day swing through the Western Caribbean, the second annual Crimson Tide Cruise departs from New Orleans and then has stops in the ports of call in Cozumel and the Yucatan. This season’s cruise sets sail February 10th-15th, 2020 on the Progresso, with Carnival Valor guiding you through that iconic bay created by the Chicxulub meteor impact.

And, let’s talk about how metal that is. About 66 million years ago, there was was an asteroid that could have been up to 50 miles in diameter that impacted our little planet. It carried the explosive yield of 10 billion atomic weapons and unleashed a global tsunami 2600 times more powerful than 2011’s Indian Ocean catastrophe. It wiped out all nearly non-avian dinosaurs, destroyed 75% of all life on the planet, and quite literally remade the Earth. But, in so doing, it also gave rise to the mammals, which in turn gave rise to football. And now you can read about this contest and enter it! And that’s just really cool. Thanks, Giant Murder Asteroid!

Alongside a great cruise, there are ‘Bama theme nights, Alabama events, and you’ll be aboard with a host of Alabama greats — from Jonathan Allen to Antonio Langham. Bammers only — you’re with family.

The best part? You, yes you, can win a stateroom for this experience by simply participating in our Fan Photo Contest. Read the rules below, then upload your best Alabama fan photo. The contest will run through the end of the Third Saturday weekend, October 20th, 2019.

That’s it. Sit back, vote on submissions, create or share your own memory, upload it, and see if you won. Even if you didn’t win, you can get your own room and check out available discounts, the schedule of events, and other information on this great experience. And, I encourage you to do so. I have already booked my room, so we may finally get to meet :)

The entry form and complete contest rules are below. For much more information, see the official page for the Crimson Tide Cruise. (And do make sure you read them carefully: Vox/SBN/RBR is not hosting the contest, establishing eligibility, voting upon entries, making the rules, or enforcing them — and needless to say, we’re certainly not going to be responsible for literally anything if you get mad at the contest, the boat, the weather, the crew, failed copy-editing, etc.)

So, with that bit of throat-clearing, good luck and Roll Tide. I look forward to your entries.

Again, thanks to the Crimson Tide Cruise and Ask4 Entertainment for helping us bring you this opportunity. You really are the best readers and the best fans on the planet. #NoRefunds

Roll Tide,

I got my swim trunks...and my flippy-floppies. You should join me.