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Tua Tagovailoa etched his name even more in the Alabama record book

He had a pretty alright game.

NCAA Football: Alabama at South Carolina Jeff Blake-USA TODAY Sports

Alabama’s gameplan was to pass the ball; and with Tua Tagovailoa throwing it, it’s easy to see why. Tagovailoa threw the ball 36 times while the team rushed the ball 22 times (not counting Tagovailoa’s two sacks and the kneel down at the end).

The result? Tagovailoa writ his name in Crimson flame in several more categories in the record book.

Tagovailoa ended the day with 432 total yards, which is the fourth-most in a single game in school history. Only Blake Sims (against Florida with 484 yards), Scott Hunter (against Auburn with 457 yards), and Jalen Hurts (against Mississippi State with 447 yards) had more.

Tagovailoa had 444 passing yards, which is the third-most in a single game in school history. Hunter had 484 yards in that Iron Bowl; and Sims had 445 yards against Florida.

To top things off, Tagovailoa threw 5 touchdown passes, which tied Gary Hollingworth’s 5 touchdown passes against Ole Miss and his own 5 touchdown performance against Auburn last year for the most in a single game in school history.

He didn’t break any of the records; but it was not a bad night for the quarterback, who exited the game with about half the fourth quarter still to go.