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FanPulse Top 25: Alabama holds stead at No. 2, but fans have anxiety after South Carolina performance

This is truly #AlabamaProblems

Since we are doing FanPulse, I decided it is no longer necessary to do a weekly blogpoll — even though I’m right. But, I shall do a quarterly one, beginning this weekend, because I am still convinced few people who are voting in this thing actually watch games.

One data point? Five P12 teams being ranked (which is a broad improvement over the AP, that ranked six). Want another one? Still ranking Maryland. Yet another? Ohio State buried at 6, ad infinitum.

I exclude you from this criticism, dear Alabama reader, because you are all sagacious, virile and potent, make your enemies tremble in fear, and attract love interests with ease.

Here’s the National FanPulse Top 25:

Alabama is holding steady at No. 2, but fan confidence took a tumble after the Tide’s unsteady day in Columbia. Poor tackling, bad pursuit angles, inside linebackers running fire drills, penalties, early running struggles, and DBs being victimized by perfect throws caused our typical overreaction.

Only at Alabama could the Tide win by four scores and 12% of the fans walk away unhappy about the direction of the program. #AlabamaProblems indeed.