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FanPulse Week 4: After complete game against So. Miss., Alabama fans confidence soars

But everything else? Woof, the nation is a mess.

Southern Miss v Alabama Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

We were waiting for it — Alabama to play a complete game. And we mainly got it — with the exception of a drive apiece by the starting offense and defense to end the first half, and whatever it was Mac Jones was doing out there.

Naturally, a lot of NegaGump flew out the window as fan confidence soared back to 97.7%, up almost 10% from the previous week:

As for the nation? Well...there were some overrated squads out there, and a lot missed on these teams:

I’m not sure who, aside from salty Big 10 fans, could watch the Bickeyes and think they’re overrated. Ditto the Notre Dame Fighting Irish. Outmanned, they did a great job locking down the outside against the ‘Dawgs, limited big plays, and won the point of attack on both sides for much of the evening. Is it the same ole’ Big Game Jawjah, a spirited effort by the Irish, or somewhere in between?

But for Michigan? Yeah, that team blows like a Hubba Bubba factory.

Here is your Week 4 results, curious as they may be:

Gratuitous Hate:

No one really knows what to do with the P12.

  • For my part, having Utah still ahead of USC, despite their H2H results, is fine. Sure, the Utes lost a road game to USC, but also notched a road win over a common opponent, BYU — one that blasted the Trojans.
  • With the Men of Troy’s injuries, Utah reverts back to the team to beat in the South.
  • Wazzu has no business being a Top 25 team. You surrender 29 points in a quarter at home to a UCLA team that had notched 42 the prior three games and then lose, you get to go sit at the kids’ table.
  • The AP has undefeated Cal at No. 15...and that’s way too high. FanPulse has Cal at No. 25...and that’s too low. The answer is somewhere in between, but certainly ahead of No. 20, Washington, who they beat on the road.

Texas A&M is getting lots of love for reasons unbeknownst to me. At 2-2, with nothing resembling a passing game, and an interior defense that Auburn’s shaky line gashed all night, they are 2019’s moral victory National Champion.

Clemson and Alabama are still sitting at No. 1 and No. 2, with Alabama having looked better and pieced together a stronger resume than the Tigers. But, forget those two for a moment.

I have no problem putting Georgia at one of those spots for now, nor with putting No. 7 Auburn at the other. UGA has a great win (even if it wasn’t pretty) against a ND team that I think we undersold. Auburn, honestly, has done the most in the early season. If the games mean something, then a neutral site win over Oregon, a road win at A&M, and a nice home smashing of a decent Tulane team is better than anything that anyone else has done.

And, why not, let’s put LSU at No. 3 — the roadie at Texas was nice. But, man, someone has to point out the skeleton in the Tigers’ closet: that defense just is not vintage LSU. I don’t know that Vandy has scored 38 on Alabama in the last 3-4 meetings combined, much less one game. The shiny Joe Burrow show against a putrid set of defenses has distracted people from some looming issues in Baton Rouge.

In either case, the SEC will sort itself out, and we do schedule the games to win them. The results those three have posted have to mean something, right?

Alright, hate on or praise yourself accordingly below.