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Your Friday Hoo Doo Thread: New Mexico State

So far, so good.

Mayan ceramic figurine of a kneeling female shaman or priestess. From Simojovel, Chiapas, Mexico, 600-900 AD. Photo by: Universal History Archive/Universal Images Group via Getty Images

Well, the week one Hoo Doo appeared to work since Alabama managed a workmanlike 42-3 victory while apparently emerging relatively unscathed from an injury standpoint.

As we move to week two, a reminder of this season’s ground rules. We need more content, folks, so please send in your submissions. It shouldn’t be hard to find 13 more pieces to carry us through the season.

We know that you miss the Friday Hoo Doo thread, and that we are at least partly to blame for Alabama’s poor injury luck. The problem is, any one person has only so many stories to tell. I do not have the time or creativity to make something up every week just so we can have a thread.

I do, however, have an idea and modest proposal. None of these traditions are really about the writers anyway, they belong to the community at large. Why not feature some of your own infamous moments, in full color?

I have created a new email account,, for the express purpose of receiving Hoo Doo photo and video submissions. We will review them and select one each week during the season to feature. As usual, readers will comment below with their own tales.

The only criteria, being that this is a #familyblawg and all, is that all submissions must be PG rated. Please include a quick story behind the visual and permission to post. Videos will be published to Youtube if you send me a file, or you can send a link if it is already on the web somewhere that will allow an embed. Photos can generally be uploaded with no issues. Also, tell me how you wish to be credited, by name or your RBR username.

This week’s submission comes from RBR fan favorite PiperTJ. In his words:

Lots of wavy hair, acne, little body fat...or fashion sense. Early teen TJ can’t figure out why he doesn’t have a GF.

Gotta admit, TJ, those shorts are something to behold.

May this, along with your confessions in the comment section, be sufficient to get us through NMSU with no major injuries.

Hoo Doo away, for the good of the team, and think about any photos or videos you have to submit to Football Loki in the future.

Roll Tide.