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Keep Your Enemies Close: Roll Bama Roll Q&A with Underdog Dynasty

The New Mexico State Aggies may be undermatched, but they aren’t without some pluckiness

NCAA Football: New Mexico State at Washington State James Snook-USA TODAY Sports

I got to speak with Adopted Aggie, who runs the entire New Mexico State section of Underdog Dynasty on his own. Here’s what we learned:

1) What can you tell us about the Aggies offensive philosophy? From my studies, it seems like they pass a whole lot, but their running game is much more efficient. Does that hold up in reality?

Absolutely. HC Doug Martin is the Indy version of Mike Leach and likes to throw the ball at least 40 times a game, even though the running game is more efficient and would work better than passes in a lot of situations. I have wondered and complained about his playcalling sometimes on my twitter, especially last season and because our best offensive players are the running backs.

2) Your QB is now getting a full year as a starter. What’s the fan opinion around him? Is everyone positive about his development, or do they think he’s plateaued?

I think the fans are all excited about Josh Adkins. He’s only started 9 games, and if you take out P5 pay games, he’s really only started 7. He’s still got some work to do to improve but he’s by far the best option we have and we enjoy watching him.

3) What’s the strongest position group on your defense? What’s the weakest?

Right now, I really can’t answer that question. Our defense has looked bad for a whole year. On paper, the defensive line has the most experience and talent but obviously we haven’t seen a game with even talent levels so it is hard to judge.

4) Are there any freshman that seem poised to break out this year?

NM State doesn’t really have the luxury to play freshman, nor do we recruit the talent that is generally ready to play their first year on campus but we have rFR lineman, like C Max Wilhite who is promising and SS Rodney McGraw II who had 7 tackles last week.

5) Who are some players we, as Alabama fans, should watch out for that could make some big plays in this game?

Definitely know Jason Huntley. He’s our starting RB and is one of the fastest players on the team. He has five career kickoff return touchdowns and needs two more to break the NCAA record. Another big name is Javahn Fergurson. Fergurson is the leader of our D and led the nation in tackles per game last season with 12.8. Tony Nicholson is another one to keep an eye out for. Tony is a grad transfer from Baylor who had a decent game last week and has been projected to have a good season.

6) What’s your game prediction?

Alabama wins by a landslide. My prediction is that it will be over by the middle of the first quarter

7) How do you think the rest of your season will go?

I really don’t know how the season will go. The Aggies have six winnable games on their schedule but they need to get through the first three weeks healthy and then win all the winnable games from there. They could finish 6-6 but my gut is telling me they will go 4-8.

Its kind of hard though when you schedule three pay games. You’re essentially starting out the season 0-3

Again, big thanks to Adopted Aggie for taking the time to talk with us. It can be tough to get good info on smaller programs, especially ones on the opposite side of the country. Here’s the link to the other half of our Q&A on their site. Go check it out!