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CITRUS BOWL: Alabama Crimson Tide vs Michigan Wolverines Second Half Open Thread

Score at the half: 16-14 Michigan

NCAA Football: Citrus Bowl-Michigan vs Alabama Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

Well. That didn’t go as hoped.

Alabama opened the game with an 85-yard bomb to Jerry Jeudy, but spent most of the rest of the first half being inept on both offense and defense. They had a drive at the end of the 2nd quarter aided by a couple of penalties and capped off with Najee Harris going airborne into the endzone to take the lead, but Michigan took it back with a 57-yard field goal as time expired.

Alabama’s opponents have still yet to miss a field goal this season.

Ultimately, Michigan’s offensive line totally dominated Alabama’s defensive front the entire half, and the Tide offense stubbornly ran screens right into the hands of the Michigan defense over and over. Neither side of the ball executed particularly well, but, fortunately, Michigan couldn’t punch the ball in when they got to the redzone, so the game is still virtually tied.

Alabama vs Michigan halftime