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Final AP Top 25 College Football Poll Leaves Alabama Behind Oklahoma

Lotsa love for Big Ten schools; Auburn takes a tumble.

NCAA Football: Citrus Bowl-Michigan vs Alabama
Despite humiliating Michigan, the pollsters just couldn’t give up a chance to keep Bama down.
Reinhold Matay-USA TODAY Sports

With the National Championship Game ending late into the night and the AP Poll released just a few hours later early Tuesday morning, it is safe to say that the pollsters had numbers 3 through 25 already filled out in their polls. Before the bowl games, this poll had Alabama tied with Auburn at No. 9.

After getting housed by LSU in the Peach Bowl Semifinal Game, the voters dropped Oklahoma three spots, but just couldn’t bear dropping them below the Crimson Tide. Georgia laughably moved up to No. 4.

The biggest jump was Minnesota up six positions to No. 10. Iowa and Penn State both moved up four spots. That is a whole lotta love for the Big Ten.

Baylor and Auburn took the largest tumbles falling five spots each to No. 13 and No. 14 respectively.

Air Force and Navy both end up in the final rankings. There is probably some kind of “first time” there but I am too lazy to do the research.

Somehow, Texas and UCF (who played one ranked team Cincy and lost) snuck their ways in at No. 24 and 25 with Texas A&M left as the first team out.

  1. LSU 15-0
  2. Clemson 14-1
  3. Ohio State 13-1
  4. Georgia 12-2
  5. Oregon 12-2
  6. Florida 11-2
  7. Oklahoma 12-2
  8. ALABAMA 11-2
  9. Penn State 11-2
  10. Minnesota 11-2
  11. Wisconsin 10-4
  12. Notre Dame 11-2
  13. Baylor 11-3
  14. Auburn 9-4
  15. Iowa 10-3
  16. Utah 11-3
  17. Memphis 12-2
  18. Michigan 9-4
  19. Appalachian State 13-1
  20. Navy 11-2
  21. Cincinnati 11-3
  22. Air Force 11-2
  23. Boise 12-2
  24. UCF 10-3
  25. Texas 8-5

Others receiving votes: Texas A&M 54, Florida Atlantic 46, Washington 39, Virginia 28, Southern Cal 16, San Diego State 13, Arizona State 12, SMU 10, Tennessee 8, California 6, Kentucky 2, Louisiana 2, Kansas State 2, Louisiana Tech 2, North Dakota State 2

[The final Coaches Poll has yet to be released.]