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Alabama and Georgia Tech to Renew Rivalry After 36 Years

Crimson Tide and Yellow Jackets schedule home and home for the 2030s

1963 Georgia Tech

If you are under the age of 35 years old, you have never seen the Crimson Tide and the Yellow Jackets face off on the gridiron. For you young-uns, go wake up grandpa and ask him about this rivalry. There are plenty of senior Gumps who still hold a grudge against that program.

It was announced today that these too historic programs (yes, Ga Tech was once relevant) would again meet up in 2030 and 2031.

As a member of the SEC, The Ramblin’ Wreck and Crimson Tide used to play on an annual basis until 1963 when Georgia Tech coach Bobby Dodd made a fateful decision to withdraw his team from the SEC. Many older Bama fans still hold animosity towards the Yellow Jackets and their legendary coach of whom the stadium is named. Many Tech fans rue the day they left the conference.

Alabama leads the series 28-21-3, but the schools have not played since 1984.

But don’t make plans just yet. These two were supposed to play a home and home in 2013 and 2014 but the series was cancelled at the request of Tech.

After years of languishing under the malaise of Paul Johnson and his antiquated triple option, the Yellow Jackets are in full rebuild mode under new coach Geoff Collins with a more pro-style attack. Collins also has the task of reestablishing a cachet in the recruiting-fertile soils of Atlanta - something that was lost on stubborn old man Johnson. Scheduling Alabama is definitely part of his rebranding strategy. If he is still the head coach in ten years, it may well pay off. Saban will be waiting for him...


2020: vs Southern Cal (JerryWorld)

2021: vs Miami (FL) (in Atlanta, GA)

2022: at Texas

2023: Texas

2024: at Wisconsin

2025: at FSU, Wisconsin

2026: at WVU, FSU

2027: WVU

2028: at Notre Dame

2029: Notre Dame

2030: at Georgia Tech

2031: Georgia Tech

2032: at Oklahoma

2033: Oklahoma

2034: at Virginia Tech

2035: Virginia Tech