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What NFL Team Might Draft Tua Tagovailoa in the first round of the 2020 Draft?

Breaking down all 32 NFL teams and their quarterback needs.

Heisman Trophy Presentation
Tua Tagovailoa is moving on.
Photo by Mike Stobe/Getty Images

With Tua Tagovailoa’s announcement that he would forgo his senior season at Alabama and enter the 2020 NFL Draft, speculation can now begin on which team may draft him. The most obvious question is about his health. The prognosis is that he is expected to have a full recovery from his hip surgery. But how soon will he be ready to lead an NFL team? It’s a tough quandary to figure out and could be a pivotal crossroad for a GM. But it only takes one Team to take that chance.

For teams that are in rebuild mode. It might be worth using a first round pick on Tua knowing that he won’t be ready until 2021. Ride out another year with Joe Journeyman and hope for the best.

Which teams might be in the market for a starting quarterback? The answer is a pretty big number. Most observers believe that Tua will not last past No. 14 but who knows with these guys.


  1. Cincinnati Bengals - YES - But they will draft Joe Burrow.
  2. Washington Redskins - MAYBE - New head coach, new OC. No guarantee that they stick with an inconsistent Dwayne Haskins.
  3. Detroit Lions - MAYBE - Matthew Stafford (32 next month) is getting a little long in the tooth in Motown.
  4. New York Giants - NO - Going with Daniel Jones.
  5. Miami Dolphins - YES - 37-year old Ryan Fitzpatrick is just a placeholder and could hold that role one more season or easily be moved aside.
  6. Los Angeles Chargers - YES - Philip Rivers (38) is a free agent whose play has declined.
  7. Carolina Panthers - PROBABLY NOT - They’ll stick with Cam Newton for now and they drafted Will Grier last year.
  8. Arizona Cardinals - NO - Rolling the dice with their 5’7” #1 pick from last year, Kyler Murray.
  9. Jacksonville Jaguars - MAYBE - Gardner Minshew surely can’t really be the answer for the Jags.
  10. Cleveland Browns - NO - Baker Mayfield
  11. New York Jets - PROBABLY NOT - Sam Darnold
  12. Las Vegas Raiders - MAYBE - Jon Gruden would LOVE to get his hands on Tua. With the Raiders heading East and PSL’s to sell, Derek Carr may have some competition.
  13. Indianapolis Colts - MAYBE - There have been murmurs of Tom Brady moving to Indy. Who better to learn under? Otherwise, it’s Jacoby Brissett who is meh.
  14. Tampa Bay Buccaneers - YES - Jameis Winston is a free agent. If Tua is still around at #14, why would you NOT take him?
  15. Denver Broncos - NO - Drew Lock
  16. Atlanta Falcons - NO - Matt Ryan and a delusional front office.
  17. Dallas Cowboys - NO - Dak Prescott is the QB, but the GM is a little nutty.
  18. Miami Dolphins (via trade with Pittsburgh Steelers) - YES - See above.
  19. Las Vegas Raiders (via trade with Chicago Bears) - YES - See above.
  20. Jacksonville Jaguars (via trade with Los Angeles Rams) - YES - See above.
  21. Philadelphia Eagles (WC Loser) - NO - Carson Wentz
  22. Buffalo Bills (WC Loser) - NO - Josh Allen
  23. New England Patriots (WC Loser) - MAYBE - If Tom Brady skips town. Even if he doesn’t, the Pats likely grab Tua if he is still on the board.
  24. New Orleans Saints (WC Loser) - MAYBE - Drew Brees is 41 next week, but Teddy Bridgewater might be the heir apparent if they can resign him. Might have to trade up.
  25. Division Loser
  26. Division Loser
  27. Division Loser
  28. Division Loser
  29. Conference Loser
  30. Conference Loser
  31. Super Bowl Loser
  32. Super Bowl Winner


The below teams have first round picks, but the order will be determined by how the playoffs unfold.

  • Tennessee Titans - NOT LIKELY - Probably sticking with Ryan Tannehill but what if 2019 was just New Team Fever that wears off?
  • Minnesota Vikings - NO - Kirk Cousins
  • Miami Dolphins (via trade with Houston Texans) - YES - See above.
  • Seattle Seahawks - NO - Russell Wilson
  • Kansas City Chiefs - NO - Patrick Mahomes
  • Green Bay Packers - PROBABLY NOT - Don’t want to upset Aaron Rodgers (36).
  • San Francisco 49ers - NO - Jimmy Garoppolo
  • Baltimore Ravens - NO - Lamar Jackson


The following teams traded away their first round picks. They would need to continue chasing the dragon, again trading up for any hope of snagging Tua.

  • Pittsburgh Steelers - MAYBE - Ben Roethlisberger is 37 and missed most of 2019. He is a free agent after 2020.
  • Los Angeles Rams - NO - Jared Goff
  • Chicago Bears - MAYBE - Mitch Trubisky sucks but he is only three years into his rookie contract. However, the Bears will be hiring a new OC.
  • Houston Texans - NO - Deshaun Watson